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Saturday 2 weeks later

"For the last time once more, a clam is a mollusc! A mollusc lies in the Bivalva class! Mollusca is in phylum!"

"R-right, my bad!" Toni stuttered as he nervously scribbled away in his notebook, making sure to remember it for later.

Sighing for the billionth time, I continued to help him find as many facts as we could for our project due in a couple days.

"Got it! Now then, how about a break? We've been working for some time now. What do you say?"

"Yeah, yeah. Fine." I muttered lifting my arms into the air and stretching.

Currently sitting cross-legged on the floor in Antonio's room, I fell onto my back and stared at the ceiling in thought. My legs spread out across the thousands of sheets of paper strewn across the room.

It has been a whole 2 weeks since the previous incident on the rooftop and a whole 2 weeks since Antonio became my friend.

If I would have known that having a friend was this exhausting I would have never taken the job.

"Too late for that..." I grunted to myself.

"What was that?"

Lazily waving him off with my hand to ignore it, my thoughts drifted to the events that took place over this week.

'Let's see here. Not much different than usual, I guess. Typical asshole teachers being their usual dickish selves. Usual oblivious stupid fratello being oblivious. Normal bullies being bullies. So what is it that feels so different?'

Glancing down at Antonio, I flinch slightly at having caught him hanging halfway off his bed staring at me with a dumb expression on his face.

Having been caught, Antonio sent me a closed eye smile, making me send a glare his way.

'This asshole.' No doubt it has something to do with him. Ever since he came things have changed. Not all things but some.

Now that I think about it, those jocks have been seen a lot less than usual.


"Hey Lovi~" He said, poking my leg repeatedly.

"What do you want bastard?" I ask him, irritation evident in my voice as I close my eyes.

What does he want now?

"We should go out."

"Eh? What are you talking about?" I questioned curiously opening an eye to look at him.

Flopping down on the ground, Antonio crawled across the sea of papers and sat down next to me.

"I'm saying we should get out of the house. I think some fresh air would help with our brain power. Plus we could go get something to eat."

Look at that grin, you fucking shit eater.

Well, I guess it's not a bad idea...

"Hmm. Fine as long as you are the one paying."


Dragging myself off the ground, I slowly made my way down stairs and pull my shoes on before bragging myself outside and being pulled by Toni.

"Stop pulling so hard bastard! And where are we going exactly!?"

"I thought maybe we could take the metro into the city and then the park for a bit."

Groaning loudly, my feet continued to drag despite Antonio's constant bitching for me to hurry up.

"Now then, after a bit of sightseeing, where is the closest park?"

"The closest from here is half a mile. Let's just hurry this up so we can get back before it gets dark." Nodding his head, Antonio swings my arm in between us, excitement present on his features.


Wait a minute?

This idiot is still holding my arm!

Once the Metro arrives, I snatch my arm back from his grasp and push my way into the train.

One long, cramped ride later, people start pouring out to get to their destination. Trampling and shoving others in their way as those trying to enter the train force their way in.

Once off the train I started to lead Antonio to the largest and busiest part of the city, per his request, despite my refusal.

"I've never been in a city as large as this one." His eyes darted everywhere trying to take everything in as people shoved past him.

"Really now." Note the sarcasm.

Rolling my eyes, he starts to drag me into different shops.

I swear he is just as bad as those bitches at school when it comes to shopping.

"Antonio for the last time. Put down the cat and let's leave already!"

Sensing my agitation, Antonio lowers the arm full of kittens sullenly as we walk out of the pet store.

" So Lovi, know any good places to eat?"

Ugh, finally!

"There's a decent Café up ahead I guess."

Making your way into the cafe, we waited to be seated by the waitress as she handed us our menus.

After a while glossing it over, we signaled the waitress over, she jotted down our orders, and took off.

An awkward silence loomed over our table as we waited for the food to come.

Looking like an idiot and fidgeting in his seat, Antonio put a hand behind his neck and smiled nervously.

"Sorry for dragging you around the city like that. I guess I got a little over excited."

You think!

"And I guess I was even more happy knowing I can do it with you~"


"Here are your orders." The waitress said placing everything on the table.

"Ah, gracias~"


After a while, our conversations became less awkward and more fluent. Laughter occasionally leaving Antonio's mouth, me joining in from time to time.

I honestly don't remember laughing and having this much fun since forever. It feels as if a weight has been taken off my shoulders and the need to worry has almost disappeared completely.

Well almost anyway.

Soon after paying, we made our way towards the Metro before I start walking off in the opposite direction.

"Wait, where are you going?"

"I thought you wanted to go to the park or something?" I question irritatedly.

"I thought you wanted to leave before it gets dark? Wont your Abuelo be angry?"

"Hmm...Probably." shrugging my shoulders, a small smirk makes its way to my lips.

Believe me, he'll be more than pissed off, but it's worth it.

Catching up to me Antonio and I make small talk as we enter the park.

Seeing as the sun was near set and that we have been out of the house for some hours now, I started to feel the fatigue of being out for so long kick in.

Deciding to sit on a bench after some more walking, Antonio glances up to see a string of lanterns strewn across the tress.

A few seconds later, they flick on enhancing our surroundings, and reflecting off the large lake we were sitting in front of.

"What are these for?"

Do I have to explain everything to him?

"It's the city. Not the best place to go stargazing. Might as well do the next best thing."

Comfortable silence was what we were left with as we stared into the bright lights.

"Hey, so um, thank you." I muttered, shocking not only Antonio, but myself as well.

"What did you say!?" Twisting his head around quickly, Antonio sat there speechless and I sat in my spot slumped down tiredly, making sure not to make eye contact.

It was already as hard as it is to just say it, but I don't think that I would have the courage to say it if I had to actually look him in the eyes.

Turning my head in the opposite direction, I tried to make my voice as little as possible.

"Thank you... For everything." I could feel my face getting warmer despite the large drop in temperature.

Antonio sat there confused. His eyebrows creased into a frown before realization struck him and his smile grew tender and caring in understanding.

"There's no need for that. All I wanted was to be friends. I doubt I did anything that-"

"You are such an idiot, you know that right?" Quickly standing to my feet, I plant them firmly in front of Antonio.

"How could you say that!? You have done more than anybody ever did. You were the first person I ever laughed with. The first person to actually tried to get to know me. That time you convinced me to live instead of death. My first real friend."

I can't believe I'm saying this...

"My first love."

Locking eyes with him, multiple feelings washed through me: anger, frustration, joy... Longing.

Even Antonio had a hard time figuring out that one emotion.

Finally letting the confession sink in Antonio gazes deeply at me.

Lowering his gaze slightly, Antonio let out a huge sigh before slowly standing up.

As he raises his arm. I flinch slightly out of bad habit and shut my eyes closed until I feel him tightly grabbed my shoulder and pulled me into a hug.

And as before, neither of us said a word letting all of our feelings out into that one hug.

3rd POV

Lovino knew that it must have been well after midnight. Too tired to check his phone, he made a simple guess due to the lack of people at the Metro station. He began to shift in place worried. He said it was ok to stay out longer and he said he would face the consequences, but that didn't mean he'd like them, especially now that he would have to explain to his grandfather about his new boyfriend.

Noticing his worry, Antonio gently grabs Lovino's hand into his own. Their fingers intertwining as he calmed his boyfriend down.

As Lovino looks back at Antonio to argue, he stopped once glancing at his smile, ultimately melting any current stress away for the time being.

Once the last train of the night arrives, the two boys sat down on the seats together, hands inseparable as Lovino's drowsiness overtook him and passed out, leaning against Antonio.

The lights of the city flashing brightly behind them. As bright as the unseen stars they saw together that night.

So this is what it's like to love


I like it.
This is it! I have finally finished this story! I kind of rushed it in the end considering I suck at endings, but that's OK. Because I am happy with how this story turned out in the end. This chapter took me forever to write because i had to us my phone to write it... So painful! That and sheer laziness to actually get started. So, I just wanted to thank you all for everything and to those who have stuck with this story for as long as they have, considering how long it takes me to update a single chapter. As per request and having been wanting to do this myself, I am going to be continuing writing my first fanfic, To Get Back Home. However, I have decided to rewrite the story completely because I totally forgot where I was going with it. Most likely I will remember over time as I write it. And also, i may write a few extra chapters for this story, depending on what you all want. Or maybe just a short epilogue or something like that. Anyways, thanks again and I hope to see you all again~ Bye-bye! ( ˘ ³˘)♥
Annahs Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2016
please make more. You never explained why the bullying lessened, and I would also love to see the fathers reaction when Lovino gets home! I really enjoyed reading it so far.
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