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I needed some gallifreyan alphabet for my craft that looks like this:…
So I created one, inspired by this image and circular gallifreyan:…
Anyway, there it is, what do you think?

Now you can just use android translator. It does the hard work you
Check here:…

You can check my work with that alphabet here:

My Shop:

Facebook Page:


Edit: TheBigZocker  noticed that there is a typo in word Sweetie. I actually wrote Swettie on the graphic. Unfortunately I lost my original file so I will change it a bit letter, I'm to busy right now start my new page.
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Nelissya's avatar

Looks beautiful! I like that it looks similar to Doctor's name official art

Under what license is your version of Gallifreyan?
Missklang's avatar
Very nice alternative to Sherman's alphabet. I have a remark for the app however. In the way the app combines two letters, it makes a merged outer "i" same as an outer "e" because it makes the small circle(s) of the outer letter (of letters like e, i, o and b columns) be not visible in entirety but slightly hidden. There is a difference, but it is a bit hard to see.
Vallora's avatar
FYI: Your My Shop URL leads to an error message.
"Oops. Were you expecting to see your site here? If so, your account is not properly configured for your custom URL." 
Just wanted to let you know. since I ran into this on my phone as well from the Google link.
romana1's avatar
iPhone version? This is lovely!
MidnytStorme's avatar
I like your system. 

I have a couple of questions/comments

1. It appears as though the decorations can be any size as long as they remain with their circle, is this correct?

2. Your translator doesn't double the inner circle for the i (as shown in your guide).  For example: hi & he look very similar in the translator, with the exception of i having a much bigger circle. 
Th3D0kt0r's avatar
This is really confusing to me and i can't understand it, and i have read and re-read the instructions over and over. thing is, i'm not that "information absorbent" when reading.... however, if you could make a video tutorial that would be.... Fantastic! (<-- 9th doctor reference)
Ocean-Fitheach's avatar
Do you mind if I use this in a project I'm working on?
No, I don't. I would love to see what you did with that : )
Sarinilli's avatar
Got to say this looks a lot more robotic to me somehow; but I don't mean that in a bad way. More like an early more simple Gallifreyan somehow. It makes me think of something futuristic sci-fi, like cyber-punkish almost. Very good job, I really do like this! It's nice to see other versions out there!
PetiteBubu's avatar
Looks hard, but graphically is very beautiful! :)
J-sunrise's avatar
Oh nice. I like the idea as I like how Doctors-Cot-Gallifreyan look, but I am really bad at IPA.
PurpleAmharicCoffee's avatar
Looks fantastic, I look forward to testing it out. :thumbsup:
FroShaDar's avatar
This will be proven useful to many Whovians. Thanks!
Chyna-Angel-Girl's avatar
So cool! Everyone should learn it >:}
GethEngineer's avatar
Yes cool,i can't understand...but cool!
evil-kaiku's avatar
Too hard for me xD
Dealey's avatar
Oh geez, this is clever. Very clever. Rock on! :D
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