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I hate to see you go by Gumby-chan I hate to see you go :icongumby-chan:Gumby-chan 11 0 She's back! by Gumby-chan She's back! :icongumby-chan:Gumby-chan 12 0 Happy Valentine's day desu~ by Gumby-chan Happy Valentine's day desu~ :icongumby-chan:Gumby-chan 18 4 Last chance for salvation by Gumby-chan Last chance for salvation :icongumby-chan:Gumby-chan 7 2 Talentless hack?! by Gumby-chan Talentless hack?! :icongumby-chan:Gumby-chan 11 0 Sacrifice completed?! by Gumby-chan Sacrifice completed?! :icongumby-chan:Gumby-chan 27 0 Sacrifice by Gumby-chan Sacrifice :icongumby-chan:Gumby-chan 27 3 Rei-chan! V5 by Gumby-chan Rei-chan! V5 :icongumby-chan:Gumby-chan 9 3 Hanako-chan! V5 by Gumby-chan Hanako-chan! V5 :icongumby-chan:Gumby-chan 5 0 Tomo-chan! V5 by Gumby-chan Tomo-chan! V5 :icongumby-chan:Gumby-chan 6 0 Kaori-chan! V5 by Gumby-chan Kaori-chan! V5 :icongumby-chan:Gumby-chan 11 1 Karen-chan! V5 by Gumby-chan Karen-chan! V5 :icongumby-chan:Gumby-chan 5 0 Boss V5 by Gumby-chan Boss V5 :icongumby-chan:Gumby-chan 6 0 CREDITS VII by Gumby-chan CREDITS VII :icongumby-chan:Gumby-chan 2 0 Chapter 7: Downfall bonus by Gumby-chan Chapter 7: Downfall bonus :icongumby-chan:Gumby-chan 2 0 Chapter 7: Downfall END by Gumby-chan Chapter 7: Downfall END :icongumby-chan:Gumby-chan 3 0


I hate to see you go
But I love to see you walk away (˵ ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°˵)

Sacrifice was just run for the last time over on akun.
...It's many secrets and mysteries now forever remain unseen and... unsolved.

But don't worry too much.
No tears this time. 
You've already sacrificed enough.

And I'll make sure you find everything you're looking for in the next quest I'm writing.

Ahaha... The ole "retirement" bait and switch. I got you good, right?

Yeah, I got out of my funk(for the most part). Running these last two quest definitely helped me see the brighter side of this whole thing.

Most of my irl stuff still isn't resolved, but hey, that's real life for you.
I'd rather be doing something wacky and stupid while the ship goes down than be doing nothing at all.

Speaking of which, although my urge to write has (sorta) come back, I'm going to take it slow. Things snuck up on me like a landslide these last few months I've been writing quests, so I need to go at my own pace so I don't get so fucked over again.

But all you really need to know is that I'll be returning.

Probably in a couple months.
I've got spring break and some exams coming up that I'm cutting out time for, but I should be back in 2 or so months as long as nothing absolutely screws me.

Which is a possibility.

But I'll keep you updated : )

She's back!
Yep. I didn't forget her this time!

Anyways, I'm exactly 10 pages into the new chapter.
It's gonna be great.
I'd say it'll be out when I'm dead/gay.
So summer probably.

CYOA shit is still the same. I ran Gumby CYOA Sim on akun and it went really well. Well, relatively speaking.
But I've made no progress on anything new really.
I did start a new script after last quest.
But it's 2 pages long and its just an outline that I have no will to fill in.
So that sucks.

Anyways secret link of the day again!…
Talentless hack?!
You rang?

Anyways I'm still working on the new chapter. 6 pages in so far. I'm expecting it to be at least 20-30 pages by the time I'm done.
It deserves a satisfying conclusion right?

...Which means it probably won't be done until this summer.


Worth it.

In CYOA news, I'm still planning on running Gumby's CYOA Simulator 3.0 tomorrow on /qst/
I'll post the thread around 7-8pm and I'll link it here.
It should be a lot of fun, and if you haven't hopped in the first two threads, this'll be your last chance = )

Be there or be square.

That's it for your Gumby update this time, thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed.

See you around.

The time has come! And so have we!
We actually made it on time believe it or not.

Deviant art is not the greatest place to host manga, so feel free to read it on smack jeeves here:

It feels amazing to have this completed. We really hope you enjoy this crazy mess we created over the past month.
Thanks for waiting and reading!

Yours truly,
The Swaggots


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United States
Yo, I draw weeb memes, a manga about lolis kidnapping old men, and some CYOAs.
If you're into that kinda stuff, you're at the right place.


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