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April 26, 2008
The Hero by ~Gumbogamer is a piece that continually reminds me of the creativity of fan artists. I know that Mario fan art tends to get a lot of attention, but this piece is so unique it was hard to pass up. I LOVE seeing characters portrayed in a much different manner than you'd usually see them, and this piece is not only amazing well done, but it's also very humorous! I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do!
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The Hero



Not much to say bout this, I don't dislike it, but it could've been better.

Just to clear something up, cause this seems to be getting brought up a lot.

When I first drew it, I too noticed how tiny bowser seemed, but after talking to my teacher and many friends(also fans of gaming), the general consensus was to leave him this way. As it gave Mario an overwhelming sense of superiority and a sort of quasi-visual overpowering of Bowser.

SO, I guess what I'm trying to say, without defending my work to the point of "OMG SHUT UP", is that it was on purpose, as was the perspective incorrectness.

OH and for the record, I don't particularly like the way I shaded the pants on Mario(I think I did Ash's waaay better in my Army of Darkness piece), I don't like how I drew Peach's head(yes. It's small, and bright, and I probably redrew it a quadrillion times before saying "F it"), and I hardly consider this my best piece, though of course I appreciate the overwhelming response.

SO, woot on the DD, thank you everyone, I don't mean to sound picky or mean, I just feel I should be honest about this. Though I suppose my original comment summed it up pretty well anyway.

EDIT 2: YAY 1,000 FAVS AS OF 5/2/08

EDIT 3(3/31/2011): For anyone who saw this on Tumblr or twitter, don't forget to check out my other stuff! Thanks for all the attention, everyone!
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