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I think the character is a very original design, tho it reminds me a lot of sonic the hedgehog - characters. The colors are fantastic, ...

The eyes are lovely :3 Also the colors seems to go good in with eachother. Personally I think the pensize is too big for this size of a...



:icondigitiro: :iconthecatsareblack: :iconletsdrawkitty: :iconthekawaiikorner:


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Gullsko's Profile Picture
Artist | Digital Art
Ello! :3
My name is Camilla, often referred to as Zan (from my username on mara).
I'm 27 years old, and live and study art in southern Norway.
I love drawing, and it is and always has been the true passion of my life.
Usually I draw cute animals, but I also draw a human now and then, but I suck at that..

Over 5 years ago I joined the amazing artist team of :3
and I LOOOVE it so much!! <3
It has possibly been the most livechanging exsperience I've had,
and mara has so many excellent artists that I now can talk with and get art advice from.

I really REALLY appreciate every favorite or comment, and ESPECIALLY every watch! :D
There's somehow ended up being over 100 watchers on my page now,
and that makes me feel I have to get better at this! ^^
Recently I have been exsperimenting with different styles, and backgrounds etc.
PS. I try to answer every comment, every note and llama back everyone! ^^
I'm really sorry if I missed your comment, note or llama.. just spam me xD

Animals in Bottle - Purple Bat by Gullsko Animals in Bottle - Bee flapping wings by Gullsko Animals in Bottle - Link (Zelda) by Gullsko Animals in Bottle - Panda by Gullsko Animals in Bottle - Werewolf by Gullsko Animals in Bottle - Dark Galaxy by Gullsko Animals in Bottle - Batman by Gullsko Animals in Bottle - Dolphin by Gullsko Animals in Bottle - Mermaid by Gullsko

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I have been here for 8 years now, and have done digital art here for 7 years, and using a drawing tablet only for 6 years (almost 7). I wanted to put my progress on here, mostly for myself really, because I think you never should throw away your old drawings. Instead you should save them as a reminder of how much better you've gotten.

Aladdin balcony scene colored by Gullsko

Small moments of Happiness by Gullsko

Grey Wind WIP by Gullsko
Past the Point of No Return by GullskoMissing Christine by Gullsko

Contest Entry - Majestic Sky by GullskoSweets in the clouds by Gullsko
Alone in the City by GullskoPys by Gullsko

Friendly Fireflies by Gullsko

Ambient Lion (without the black) by GullskoHandrawn Graphics Contest entry by Gullsko
I have created a FB page, and would love you if you would care to press like! Love Love 

Here I will post more WIP stuff, and I will also take free commissions and stuff in the future on FB, for my followers only ;)
Want to see more?

click the link!  :happybounce: La la la la

Ambient Lion Tutorial (step by step) by GullskoFreestyle graphics entry - tutorial (Step by step) by Gullsko
Ambient Lion (without the black) by Gullsko
Umbreon and strawberry by Gullsko All The Pokemon Fluffs by Gullsko Pika sketch by Gullsko
It's a very big deal for me that I've gone from thinking I wasn't any good at drawing,
to actually getting paid to do it :3
At Jr. High my art teacher gave me C's and D's,
and destroyed my hope of someday be good at anything.

This is my first ever digital drawing.
It was made in December 2011, without anything but a mouse tablet and paint.NET

After that, just months later, when a little more used to Paint.NET
I found out that it was easier to draw in pixels, because I could draw one by one pixels.

Eh, we actually need to go further back then this xD
To a summer in 2006 when I had a boring desk job, where I was sit to mind the phone.
I was browsing the net for flash games to play.
That was when I first ran into dress up games.
Of course, I was a little old to play those games, but I was fascinated by the dolls and clothes,
and wanted to draw my own. I browsed for more of them to get inspiration,
and tried to avoid those pink and princess versions.

That was when I first came over marapets.
I had never heard about pet games before at all, and did just a year ago learn
that it's the 3rd biggest on the internet xD
But what catched my eye with marapets was the dolls, and of course
their celebrity clothing, that was imitated from real celebrity clothing.

I played for the summer, and when summer and job was over I forgot about the game.
Then the next (or the year after that) year I had the same job xD (silly, yes?)
And I did remember about the game, and after a little searching I found it again.
I did not remember my password for my account, and so I made a new profile,
which is my current account (TaiZan).

So, that year I started to continue the playing when I got home from work.
But I still didn't play it actively.
About 1/2 - 1 year after that I found out there were an art forum.
I never was a forum person, so I usually just kept to myself.
But at this art forum there were very talented people,
and in 2011 (as you saw over) I made my very first digital drawing.

A year, and much more practicing later (and a drawing tablet now)
I did draw a snow white dress over a mara character,
and  I got a lot of positive response to it.

So then I of course wanted to do more :3
And I started doing requests, and making my own doll clothes.

After a while I also started doing my own versions of pets,
and requests from others.

And then a little after I did this, as a sort of tribute to a certain "ice queen" on mara,

(Here is how I made it)

then I got a mail, from a very nice staff member.

In the maramail she wanted me to mail Ian (the maker of marapets) trough their official mail and apply for a job as artist.
And I honestly never thought about doing that xD
I've always been the nice girl that was always scared of doing something wrong or get into trouble.
And I was sure mailing them about something like that would definitely get me into trouble.
But, then again, it was a staff member, so I figured I'd give it a shot.
(I've saved this mail, because I feel I owe her everything :3
and I like to remind myself that it changed my life really.)

I was really excited, and checked my mail like every hour for a week x3
But after a week was past, I started to lose hope,
and after two weeks was past hope was completely gone.

But then, one evening, I sent them another mail
asking if they had received my first mail.
They said they hadn't and asked me to resend,
and so I did.

Then about a week later I got a mail saying:
"Hi, I've passed this on to Ian and he would love to talk to you"
and I literally jumped up and ran out and started crying x3
After little while I've also gotten a maramail from Ian, saying the same.

I guess this must seem weird, especially for you outside of mara,
but for me it was so surreal, and I never EVER cry xD
Imagine the feeling of getting to meet your favorite celebrity face to face.
I had just got one of my biggest dreams granted, and that was for my drawings to have a purpose.
And they were wanted! <3

It was too much for me, and I was shaking so much when answering the mail
that I almost couldn't write it at all xD
Still to this day, I feel so honored.
(and I may add that at the moment I didn't even know it was a paid job.
I would gladly have done it for free! )

I feel a little silly saying it has been the biggest and most life changing
event in my life so far, but it has been.

I joined during a Halloween event, and I watched my first pet get released.
Which was my dream pet, the midnight Lati.

It was so surreal the whole thing, and I had decided when I sent the mail,
that if I should be accepted, I would try to keep the whole thing a secret.

At first, it was easy, only my closest friend and a staff member knew about it.
Then a few people started to notice that some of the pets that came out
were pets I had made at their requests just weeks earlier,
and started asking questions.
I of course answered that yes, I had made them, but I was not sure if I had been
accepted or was just on a trial of some kind.
So, when people asked "are you an artist now?" I answered, I hope so :3 or
I think so, or something like that xD

Some time later some of the other artists started listing me as one of the artists,
and then the word were pretty much out, and I stopped hiding it.

Then they introduced me to their clothing-making-program.
Which (of course) was my ultimate goal to play with :3
and I made my first ever clothing,
asking Ian if I please could make a thriller jacket.
(I'm a very big MJ fan)

I was still fairly new to the tablet (that I got the summer of 2012, and this was October 2012),
and today I'm not completely happy about how the things I made then turned out.
And after that I made lots of other clothes, and I still do :3
AND I'm still forever grateful to that staff member putting me on the mail idea, about a year ago.
Thank you so much :3 <3 I owe you a lot!
My birthday badge

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