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+..+.JaPanese Islands.+..+

By Gulloh
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Hiii Friends.

I made it with Photoshop.^^
This island belongs to the other 2 islands i made.^_^
If you look behind the island you see 2 other islands.
I used them from my wallpapers.
I wanted to be a big world.^_^

I HOPE You All Will Like It...:pray:
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such beautiful work.
Gulloh's avatar
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Wow. You've definatly improved from the last submissions of yours I seen ..
Nice work.
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Thank yeww
You just got to love this! You've got my desktop! :D
Gulloh's avatar
thankyou glad you like it^^
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such a beautiful world
nomski's avatar
you're welcome sis. how are you? :hug:
Gulloh's avatar
i am goowd and how are u:hug:
nomski's avatar
so tired...and got a masssive science test tomorrow :fear: how're things at home and whatnot? you seem to have such a happy life.

Gulloh's avatar
but i dont have because i changed my mind i dont know what to do and i have test every week plus i work now:S
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well the tests must come first, so study like you've never studied before ^_^ work second, because money is important if you want to get to a good place in life, nasty as that sounds. and we're always going to be here, waiting for you to have some free time so we can tell you how awesome you are :hug: we won't desert you, promise.
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:hug:,,aww you so sweet :hug:
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It's so simple and beatiful.
Gulloh's avatar
thank youu hunny^_^
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WOW! your art work amazed me!! How can you do that??..It's PRETTY!!
Gulloh's avatar
thank youu:hug:...i use PS7 and brushes/shapes sometimes need to make my own brushes0_o alot of maig wand and ofcourse gradient tools^^ for the bg!:D or you can look for wallpaper tutorials^^
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Hey Gulloh, this is WELL cool, really enjoyed this! Keep up the good work!

P.S. Just bought myself a tablet, learning how to use it, so should be able to do more soon... Watch this space.
Gulloh's avatar
Thank youu:dance:

reallyy? wow thats awesome i will check it out ^_^...:w00t:
soraya217's avatar
really cute and beautiful^^ great job!
Gulloh's avatar
thank you sis^_^:hug:
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