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Velma Only Lives Twice

The German woman and the Japanese business executive quibbled with each other all the way up in the elevator. They’d been called up to the big bosses’ office, and they knew that it couldn’t be for good news.

    “This is all your fault,” the woman chided, “you had them in the building, and your thugs couldn’t even gun them down. How hard could it be to get rid of some meddling American kids?”

    The businessman responded. “You had Velma in the plane - how did she get out of the crash alive? I can already hear that ‘this organization does not tolerate failure’ speech he’s going to give us. We would have succeeded if not for those meddling...”

    When the elevator door opened, they saw Hans the burly German feeding a ham hock to the bosses’ piranha in the moat around his office area. This wasn’t going to go well.

This idea hit me over the weekend, and I started doodling it in my new sketchpad. Again it's that Master's Touch pad that seems to hold the ink well. I took one of my favorite scenes from my favorite Bond movie and just went nuts with it. While doing this I was a bit surprised that Karin Dor, who played Helga, passed away in November of 2017.…

The piranha fish are hungry...and by the time this meeting is over, they'll be well fed... 

    "But the Scooby kids are dead - it was in all the newspapers."
    "Rubbish. Kill!!"

Velma is the property of Hannah Barbera.
Rush at the Door

Marge eyeballed the three men standing at the door. “ aren’t here to repair the water heater, are you?”

    “No ma’am, we’re not. I believe your husband invited us...”

    Bart slowly walked up to the door. “Mom - don’t you know who these guys are? They’re one of the most awesome bands ever…”

40 years ago today I walked into Nova Records in Indianapolis (long gone) with my late father and plunked down $7.98 for a copy of Rush’s “Farewell to Kings.”…   I know this date because I still have it written down in my journal for that year. I didn’t have my driver’s license yet - hence riding around with my dad. I hadn’t even heard them, but had heard the radio ads for their upcoming concert here. I remember listening to the record on our old record player, shaking my head and saying something like, “This’ll do.” I was made a fan that night. I would listen to them throughout high school, in the army, through college, and over many years of work. I have nearly everything they’ve ever done. I would eventually get to see them on their “Power Windows” tour in 1985. Nowadays, they are in the background of nearly every art project I’ve done over the years. And all I can say is, Geddy, Alex, Neil, thanks for some very happy memories of my generation over the years - your music has been the rocket fuel behind some very fun art I’ve done. I can’t believe it’s been 40 years. Good luck to you.

While they haven’t made it to the Simpsons (yet), they did get a good mention on Futurama.…

    Marge brought out some cups of tea. “So you boys are from Canada.”

    “Yes ma’am, we are…”

Velma On The Plane
It seemed like a normal enough take-off - the evil Ghost Clown was going to slip away once again. Suddenly a red light on the panel indicated that a door was open. "Go check that out," he told one of his clown buddies, "I wouldn't put anything past these meddling kids."

I don't know how this idea came together, but I must have run across a clip from that Mission Impossible movie…  and I let two ideas crash into each other. I always love showing Velma doing some really crazy impossible things anyway, so it just fit. It was fun doing the research on the aircraft, an Airbus 400M.

     "We would have gotten away with it, if not for these meddling kids!!"

Scooby Doo is the property of Hanna-Barbara. Mission:Impossible Rogue Nation is a Paramount Film.
The Paper Test
I originally had no intention of posting this, but I liked it so well. All this was intended to be was just a test of a new drawing pad. Last month a Hobby Lobby opened up very near to us (Kaspired - it's very close to the hotel you stayed at), and they sell these Master's Touch drawing pads for half price all the time. It's an 8 X 10 smooth surface 80lb paper, and it seems to drink in the markers and let them mix fairly well. The background here was added in on Adobe Elements. Anyway, I consider it a test passed.
Rex Banner: Downsize Division
Rex Banner put the phone down. "There's been a mugging - now you'll get to see some real detective work." Rex was more than willing to show Morgan what his newly-formed police division did. Most downsized people were decent citizens. But when they went bad, that was when he sprung into action.

I first ran this idea by the other night, and he gave me some good ideas for it. I've had few ideas tickle me more than this one, the idea of miniature thugs rampaging through the city. If Morgan's friend the schoolteacher was involved with these wugs, there was no telling what mischief she might be involved in.
     Banner chatted with the victim, who was still tied securely to the ground. "You had your head buried in newspaper, didn't you bub? That's all it takes to get these guys started. You have to be vigilant. This is obviously the work of "Big Benny" Bledsoe, the Butcher of Boston, and his moll Barbara "Barbie Doll" LaRue. You just stay right there and this officer will take your statement."

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!!

Both characters are the property of Matt Groening.
Haven't submitted a journal in a while, at least since I've been griping about the winter weather. Well, that's all past us now. After two beautiful perfect spring days last week, Mother Nature shifted into August mode - it was 94 degrees today in Indianapolis. And as you could figure, our air conditioning pooped out. I was going to do a cartoon lampooning the heat, but I had to help Nan put in a window air-conditioner in the studio. Don't get me wrong, it was a fun Memorial Day (for my friends overseas, think Remembrance Day, ANZAC Day), complete with a grill full of burgers, hot dogs and Polska sausage. I did have to work today, but that was cake and I was off at 2 pm. Both Nan and I enjoyed the meal.
     I actually had a co-worker thank me for my service to my country - I assured him that other than getting to play with some interesting toys, I really didn't do that much worth noting, and never left Missouri. But I did thank the person. Both of my parents served in the military - that was where they met and were married. My mother was given a military funeral in 2011, complete with a gun salute from an honor guard. My uncles were the real heroes during the holiday - several served in wars. We must never forget these people; we are able to have the freedoms that we have because of them.
     So another holiday has past. And I have lots of really great leftovers for lunch from the grill.
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Grand Galactic Inquisitor
United States
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Favourite genre of music: Euro Rock (I guess they call it Prog Rock?)
Favourite photographer: Joe Testagrose
Favourite style of art: Pen and ink cartoons
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Amy Wong, Turanga Leela, Morgan Proctor
Personal Quote: "Never just settle for anything or anyone"
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If you happen to have any extra minutes on you, this is a fun animation analysis  of old vs new simpsons. Showing how the animation has devolved by making the characters too on model and making them stiff and pretty much removing the squash & stretch that a cartoon needs  for this comedic timing.…
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The early versions of Marge have what I call the "spaghetti arms."
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