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Dragon's Crown II Rise of the Fallen Bones



Dragon's Crown II "Rise of the Fallen Bones" Coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi guys, this is my Dragon's Crown tribute, nothing more exiting than a fantasy RPG, with all the stuff I like! :D Here I wanted to give my approval to this kind of games and I want a second part to be done, dont know if its possible of course but may be the creators listen if we make noise, so this is my contribution to all the fan art stuff in the web and if you like Dragon's Crown and my art please fave this and share it :D I will be grateful.  Thanks Atlus for doing a formidable RPG Fantasy game! Im a big fan! Thanks!!!!
Also in the downloadable content of this work there are various wallpapers formats, even  a vertical one for mobile phone. It looks amazing on my phone :D   
So what do you think?  Thanks a lot guys!
Also a friend of mine told me someone is stolen my art, Im very sad because of that. You know Im trying to live from my art and also Im doing a lot of art production free for me and of course for you guys,  I have to live and pay debts and of course there are some art I charge for look at it! So Please pal stop stealing my art, really you are doing damage to me! You are hurting the energy that makes my art possible, I know you are following me please have this words in mind!
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