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Leopard Emulation

Seeing all these desktops (both Windows and Mac OS X Tiger) emulating Mac OS X Leopard inspired me to take up emulation again.

Theme: Mac OS X Leopard by Blitzr [link]
Styler: Leopard by Raats [link]
QTTabbar: Perfect Leopard Skin by Linwe [link]
Dock: Leopard skins [link]
Icons: Reflective by vsdigital [link] Leopard icons extracted by Timan [link] Hard Drive Icon by Jonas Rask
Objectbar: Leopard by me (NFR)

>Modified the FindeXer sidebar (thanks to Kevin250 for the inspiration [link])
>Finder style of Mac OS X Leopard was modified by me (Yeah, I know the status bar is off; I'm working on that)
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please can you provide a link or upload your findexer moded files ? thx ... if you are still using it thx
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I've been searching alot but couldn't find how, hope you can help me:
How did you do to get the desktop icons to show the name on it's side and show how many items does that folder have or the memory of the hard drive ?
HaydenCappadona's avatar
How did you make the icons for your taskbar?(Eject, Volume etc...)
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the finderbar, if ur talking about the blue bar in the expolrer is a customized setting of a software called 'FindeXer'. A tutorial to customize it into one that emulates Mac is on the website. Sry, i don't have the link.. u can google it.
no , if ur referring to the icon in explorer or 'finder', that is just from a theme emulating Mac in a software called 'Styler'. It just acts as the one level up button
Do you actually have coverflow in your finder?
danny820's avatar
how did you make the finderbar?
DeedyDash's avatar
how did u get stuff like the size and no of items written below ur desktop icon labels and how did u get ur icon labels to the right of ur desktop icons??

and 1 last question

how did u change the size of ur explorer icons without changing the size of ur desktop icons??
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For the desktop icons, I used avedesk [link] and use the desklet in this app called PidShortcut

As for the icons I used IconTweaker [link] . The settings for IconTweaker should lead you to the icon size changing.
xXFearxThexReaperXx's avatar
how did you get the system tray icons? any info would be great
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I use Stardock's Objectbar, which can emulate the Mac menubar.
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very nice but reflective icons...
Joshu4's avatar
i cant tell which ones which!
knightinarms's avatar
How do I change the folder icons? I can't figure out how to do it. I run Vista.
chuckyrocks2007's avatar
do you have make if not how did you get the finder option in the taskbar
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can i have the link for ur objectbar theme
esmasgdl's avatar
hi what windows version u emulate leopard?
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hi, great u customize QTTabbar's background
IceBlue-Fish's avatar
good setup~~and the wp is quite nice how beautiful the scenary is~~:D
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Awesome shot!
MarkRaats's avatar
Very nice Mate..

Thanks for the link!
Wow. Dude, by far, you are my favorite emu customizer... lol, if that made any sense. Your work is so cool dude. Great job.
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