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March 19, 2009
Ultracity by ~guitfiddle I really wish the future to be like "Ultracity". To see an amazing cityscape like this, when looking out of the window, would be great. Be sure to check the rest of his gallery as well!
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Painted in Photoshop

"My thanks to [link] for selecting this piece as a DD, and to all those who took the time to view, comment and favorite- your generosity has been overwhelming...

A few technical remarks... The original is 3600x2100px in dimension. It's an amalgam of material (buildings, ships, etc.) drawn from other pieces, hence the title "Ultracity". Although the bulk of my work here on DA is matte painting, which incorporates literal photographic elements and textures, this is "pure paint", augmented by those handy tools available to digital artists: filtration, distortion and cloning..."


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Is there anywhere we can get the original resolution image?
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WOW. Just... wow...
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It would certainly give its people incentive to look to the skies and work on aircrafts as a principle transportation.

Added -
Varieties of SF Experience | [link]
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Y a quand même du sacré niveau par ici

Rien que le "coloriser avec photoshop" sa forge le respect, un boulot titanesque pour celui qui comme moi se lancerai dans une telle création que la tienne sans compter que le rendu sera très différent du tiens.

J'ai mis en fav cette création mais c'est la partie visible de l'iceberg, toute tes créations sont sublimes, excellent travaux continue c'est que du plaisir ;)
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The property taxes must be murder!
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Impressive! Nicely done... :)
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Most welcome! Great work! :clap: :)
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That is indeed pretty freakin awesome. :nod:

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Most likely... I'm a fan...
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Very nice futuristic composition. :)
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wow, expertly done. i lvoe these sci fi type images.
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[arguing with the wanting it to be like the future comment]

I don't think I'd be able to live like that.
I'd miss nature far too much- seeing trees blow in the wind, forests and rivers...
I'm just too much of an environmental dork.

I do love the detail of the picture though.
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Thanks... I hope we get both... High-tech in lush, healthy natural settings...
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Wow. I am amazed. Like seriously in awe over this. The lighting and depth is just whoa. And painted in photoshop? Kudos to you. Definetly going to check out the rest of your gallery.
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