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This piece was commissioned by :icon5thraven:... He supplied the panoramic photograph, and requested a 'ringworld'... This was the result.
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The perspective looks like a photo with 2500mm.

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Howdy, Guitfiddle!

How would one go about getting permission to use this piece for a sci-fi blog post. I'm about to start a blog of a solo play of the Starforged RPG and this could work in the prologue post.


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Colonize a halo
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Oh my goodness, that is rrally sweet. I wonder what it's really be like, waking up in the mornig, amd in the horizon/sky, you see more ring world, amd even the sun.
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Beautiful artwork
I'm trying to learn how to make ring worlds through digital Photoshop i was so fascinated when I saw so much art works from so many artist but I never got into the halo series but I'm now starting to read the Larry Nivens books.
So far I'm loving it 😎👍
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Them Halo vibes are real.

Amazing though! :D
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Now that I look at this closer this is really freaky! And it's giving me the creeps just looking at it just imagining being on the surface and seeing the rest of the ring going upwards triggering my vertigo superhard and also realizing just how fragile the ring world is compared to normal planets. It's making my skin crawl just thinking of it
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This is arguably Ringworld's most famous feature A Hole Punched In The Ringworld By The Fist Of God by aegiandyad in cross eye free view stereoscopic 3-D!
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This is exceptional. I love the Ringworld series and this just brings it to life.
Very nicely detailed.
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Nice a full Dyson Ring
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FANTASTIC! BRILLIANT! GERONIMO! I can't say enough how utterly XOOL this is. =D
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Wow... I am trying to learn this type of skill for a project I am doing. A solid Dyson Sphere where THAT (stuff above) is in every direction.

But, wow, probably in 10 or 20 years if I study hard. Thanks for this wonderful vista.
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With the smaller scale, it makes me think more of a Culture Orbital than a Niven Ringworld. Great piece though.
This looks like a modified photograph, I'm very impressed and it's an excellent depiction of Ringworld, but Ringworld doesn't have a moon.
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This gave me the "sidesailer" idea.
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:iconermahgerdplz: an epic classic!
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Dammit! I keep trying to scroll up to see farther up the ring!

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