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haven't uploaded an emote in a while, so here's one! :dummy:
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Just to let you know, this emote was chosen as the Daily Emote for EmoteADay on December 6, 2014, and featured here!… :dummy:
:noes: way im using a tablet right now
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welcome to the club. - 3-
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very cute :giggle: but the tablet is too small ;D Are you sure that it isn't an iPad? :lol:
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well, an iPad is just about the same size as a tablet. =P
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yeah, just about. Cx
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Just to let you know this emote has been featured in the latest volume of So i herd u liek emotes?? :iconteamoplz:
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That´s awesome! :clap:
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That's great!!!
Unfortunately there aren't any tutorials in the web that show how to make an emote of that detail...
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thanx! :giggle:
lol, it took me forever to make. i had to listen to music 4 hours straight while making this just so i wouldn't lose my sanity. . _____.
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And that's me and my tablet o.o lol
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I think you should make a plz account of this. It's very cute! :dummy: :meow:
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i might (probably not though, it'd be too much work :faint:)
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He looks more like he's using a smartphone to play Angry Birds. Yes, specifically Angry Birds.

Love the shading and animation, too! And, of course, your choice of colour!
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lol, it does kinda look like that. XD thanks for the comment! C:
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Omai Gawd I need this Emote,I'm probably going to get a tablet soon anyway.
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This is beyond cute. And the animation is spot on. Much love. <333333333
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Wow, this is great! The precision is impeccable. Such a cute little emote. :heart:
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