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:iconsniperplz:-"Thanx for standin' still wanka!."

[EDIT]- i re-edited the fire at the end of the barrel, made the recoil 2 pixels instead of one, and put a pause in the reloading.
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Cs go PRO
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Do you mind if I use this and edit it so it has Kat in? (I will obviously give credit :heart: )
I can't seem to ake a sniper emote of her..And I've given up :paranoid:
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lol, sure thing! :iconyellowaww:
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It makes me want to go play Splinter Cell
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Just to let you know this emote has been featured in the latest copy of So i herd u liek emotes?? :iconcheerplz:
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Nice animation and the rifle looks really good for such a small thing ^^
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great job on the sniper rifle and i like the little reload action :}
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The rifle was designed pretty nicely, but the presence of recoil is not very clear. You should have made the rifle go 2 pixels backwards instead of 1. Also, it would be kinda nicer if the muzzle flash was bigger. But overall, I like it.
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lol, it actually does look better with a recoil of 2 pixels. thanx!
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It's awesome now.
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lol, if i would have had the recoil at 2 pixels, the scope would have hit his eye. xD but yeah, i know what you mean. although i don't really see the need to change it. thanx for the comment!
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I'd say that he should've reloaded it when it's down. Kinda hard to do all that reloading while you're watching down the sights.
Cool emoticon otherwise.
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oh, picky picky picky. >w<
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I'm not picky, I'm just giving off some constructive criticism. I sure appreciate when someone gives me a few good tips on my works.
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lol i was just joking. i do enjoy receiving criticism on my work, though.
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Don't you mean snipper?
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