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Planet Hulk pin-up

just toned it up...
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Awesome, just no words to describe this:|
Seriously, this is perfect!
Wonderfull, I hope you keep continue to upload drawings like this:D

You just got yourself another fan:D
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The jaws a little off, but it's awesome.
Roulette-Minded's avatar
I think its supposed to be that way
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xavor85's avatar
this hulk rocks! Really impressful! :)
BongzBerry's avatar
Huulk smaaash !!! Tight arts man ! Awesome gallery ! It'll be cool if you could peek into my gallery too, thaanks !
Granite-Skull's avatar
Such a good comic... the ending was so sad... poor hulk, let the smashing commence!
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Simon-Williams-Art's avatar
Absolutely brilliant!! I'd love to see that as a poster....
this is freakin AWESOME! how do you make the hulk scarier? give him a big ass sword
thelearningcurv's avatar
wow..... I've followed your Hulk run, as I am sure most people with any sense has, and I've never really appreciated your work as much as I do now..... good lord this is inspiring! lol
immilesaway's avatar
my Gosh... thats one of the most amazing hulks i've seen in my entire life... respect.
jvgce's avatar
very powerful...... i Love it.....:)
marmoto's avatar
wow! nice work
..please visit muy gallery
DaleNorvell's avatar
Man, this is just great. Looking at all of your Hulk pieces, you are so successful at conveying mass and weight, not to mention motion. I love the designs of all of the characters, weapons and armor that I've seen from Planet Hulk.

I found out about Planet Hulk after it was mid-way through, so I'm just gonna have to get the trade. Your work is stunning and I can't wait to read it! You are my new HULK artist. As in, I'll compare all versions of the Hulk to yours, as I feel you got him right. :clap: Do you know when the trade is coming out, and are you going to be involved in World War Hulk? PLEASE tell me that you are. It would just be wrong if you weren't.
ToshiroHoshi's avatar
Awesome. I wanna' see more of whatever battle he's in.
AliasGhost's avatar
This, I like. BIG TIME!!
richardj's avatar
this is excelent, love the action :)
wolfscream's avatar
fucking A+ it rocks
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