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Dried Up, Tied And Dead



I'll be your lover, i'll be forever
I'll be tomorrow, i am anything when i'm high

All dried up and tied up forever
All fucked up and dead to the world...


Makeup, nothing is real, no one was harmed.
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Apr 19, 2009, 7:10:22 PM
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Again, the impact of the photography comes across beautifully. While I'm no photographer by any means, I have a lot of respect for theatrical make-up and the techniques involved, so I can say for sure that this is an exceptional piece.

The positioning of the arms appears a bit unnatural, and, while normally this would bother me, it seems to really suit the photo. The contrast adds a really eerie, powerful effect to the overall image. With the way the lighting is, it's almost as if the model is being eclipsed. I feel like the top of the photo should have been cropped a bit more, as I find the highlight on the upper forearm a tad distracting, but that's most likely just a matter of my own personal tastes - believe me when I say I'm never going to make it as a photographer.

From a make-up standpoint, the effects were done wonderfully. The blood lacks the common "orange-ish" coloration you usually see with fake blood, and the thickness of the gore in some areas adds a nice sense of realism. It's probably safe to assume that realism wasn't the intention, but I get the feeling that in a situation where a struggle were to occur where the rope dug into the flesh, there would be much more prominent bruising. I do like the rope, though - the clean, new-looking rope really adds a lot of dimension to the picture. Where a struggle has occured and the rope is relatively lose, you have to wonder exactly what it really was that the figure was struggling against. There's just enough brutality here to provide the impact without being excessive.

I feel like this idea has been very heavily overdone, though... While the execution is fantastic and the impact is made, the concept portrayal could have used more thinking over. Nonetheless, this still manages to be a very powerful and capturing image.