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Classic v. DCNU: Wonder Woman

By this time, you've probably had your fill of the DC relaunches. Maybe you love it and maybe you loathe it. But this series of sketches were inevitable. I present my "Classic Versus DCNU" series.

Next we have both versions of the Amazon Princess: Classic Diana in her red, blue, and gold versus Jim Lee designed, sword-weilding Diana.

Mech pencil on sketchbook.
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They're pretty wonderful when they fight. <3
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I like that DCNU Diana looks to genuinely be taller than her classic counterpart, fitting considering how big she's depicted to be in her new comic run. Nice work!
This really is a nice scene. DCnU Diana doesn't stand a chance! ;P
guinnessyde's avatar
But it's a fight I'd like to see anyway!
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Classic. I can no accept the Nu52 version anymore b/c I don't know who the hell she is. They're not being clear on her character--I don't believe  they care as long it sells. Azz destroyed her origin, her people, and yet he didn't mold her into a thoughtless, violent child killer who thinks with her sword instead of her brains like that other guy's been doing in JL. Those guys running DC....they're acting unprofessional, they're acting like loan sharks...  What they're doing to WW is unethical, it's harmful, & I can't do this anymore. I can no longer tolerate this lie b/c they're not promoting superheroes, they're not promoting what a true superheroine is. They're driving the majority of women and kids away and I can't invest in their books on the account of this predicament b/c the truth is DC is killing her...they're killing WW.  Just like what they did to Supes...we saw what they did to him in that recent movie...and saw the aftermath of the controversy. Cheated out of his sequel = Failure. Comics should be for everybody... it shouldn't be for a few.  I'm going back to Marvel but only part-time. I know they got their sins. I saw what they're doing to Spidey, but they're a lesser evil than DC.  So yes.  Classic all the way for me.
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I need to color this (with your permission)
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Thanks for asking. Have at it and have fun!
Classic all the way.
Screw the vapid, bastard-daughter of Zeus that apparently needs a sword to do anything.
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I do miss me some classics right about now;-)
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Beautiful work!
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Nice, I like both
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Battle of the boobies!
I will say that Wonder Woman's New 52 costume is the one that annoys me the least.
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That's high praise for the costume!
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This one is my favourite ! Beautiful ! :D
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Glad you like it, thank you!!!
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You're welcome :)
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