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Classic v. DCNU: Batman

By guinnessyde
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By this time, you've probably had your fill of the DC relaunches. Maybe you love it and maybe you loathe it. But this series of sketches were inevitable. I present my "Classic Versus DCNU" series.

Classic Batman, yellow oval and capsule belt and all, versus DCNU Batman or as I'd like to call him: too-complicated-to-draw Batman.

Mech pencil on sketchbook.
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The multiverse can most definitely bring out the best or worst in people. Hahaha.
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This fight, out of all of them, is probably the most pointless, since they're both pretty much the same character, anyway...
Nice! Classic Batman is going to wipe the floor with this little wimp. :devilish:

Though the most badass Batman ever is the one from the Arkham'verse (video games). ;P
guinnessyde's avatar
I tend to agree with you... recently played a little bit of the old Arkham Asylum. That Batman is very impressive.
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This looks so Awesome!
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.......................(sigh) I dont need to say anymore, of what's already obvious.
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I love the Norm Breyfogle feel of Batman Classic here!
I agree that Jim Lee, great artist that he is, should not have redesigned the entire DCNU single-handedly. There was too much overlap/similarities in costumes, which makes no sense, as according to Justice League #1, none of the characters (except Green Lantern & Flash) had ever met before.
Plus, just on Batman's costume, all the armor and plating seems cumbersome, and Batman wouldn't use a suit that could hinder his movement like that.
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That's my biggest gripe with these costumes. Especially if JL#1 takes place 5 years ago, wouldn't make sense that Batman would've had a change between then and today? Which means none of them evolved in five years. Argh, do not get me started. Anyway, thanks for the Breyfogle comparison! I have a lot of his Batman/Detective run, his lines are do kinetic! I'm very flattered.
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You're welcome! I have a lot of that Breyfogle run, too!
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Wow ! Very nice work ! :clap:
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Aaaah!!!It is very nice... Fabulous!!! LOVE it!
guinnessyde's avatar
Thank you so much!
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Amazing detail!
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Me personally I like them both. More interested in the storyline than every single detail of batman.
guinnessyde's avatar
You know, you can't knock good storytelling. And the new Batman's got those!
Smilly7's avatar
so true on so many levels.
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loving the dynamism and the look of DCNU Batman's black armor bits. They're all blocky and cool-like.
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Though I dig most of the redesign(not that I say that they're better than the old ones, becuase that were the classics, but I like them nonetheless ) the "too-complicated-to-draw" it's a label that fits almost every new design. Jim Lee designed so just him draw them with ease...a maybe David Finch too =P
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