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Victorian Rose

Inspired by a paperdoll I found on pinterest. Feels so good to doll again :D
Base by DHF
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YES! She's beautiful!! Love the folds...glad to see you back <3
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Seeing you doll again made my day. I love the overall look of the doll, she reminds me of the old times with so many beautiful dresses made on DHF bases :D You haven't lost your touch, and I can see how much you've improved over the years. I've been away from the community for more than a year and I can tell how your hard work has truly paid off. I must admit that I'm loving that subtle dark green in the dress, so rich and elegant. Lovely!
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Thank you, you are the sweetest! :*
I missed drawing pretty dresses on DHF bases and I might do some more! It is so nostalgic!
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It is! This doll made me remember the forums, like TG with so many elven princesses in pretty gowns, and all those days going to DHF hoping there was a new base update :D Those were the days!

I keep coming back to this doll and I finding new things I like: the layering of the different parts of her skirt is also fantastic. That's a gorgeous gown! :love:
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Haha, I probably visited DHF 100+ times a day hoping for a base update :p
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