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When Tyrannosaurus has win in ancient battle.

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Love this. despite my belief that ankylosaurus would normally dominate T.rex in a fight. This gets a favorite from me!
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like eating a gigantic weaponized burger :D
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Finally an ankylosaur on the losing end
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I like this. It's about time someone depicted a Tyrannosaurus triumphing over an Ankylosaurus.

I mean, wouldn't something like this been the more common outcome, when you forget the common media's image of it being a tank juggernaut of doom that obliterates much larger animals with ease...
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Well when you look at the predator/prey ratio, there seem to have been far more ankylosaurs than t.rex, so it must have done something right with it's armor and defenses.
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Tyrannosaurus was actually a lot more common in its habitat compared to ankylosaurus
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Apex predators tend to be less common than their prey in any healthy ecosystem. If a predator outnumbered it's prey, that would be an ecological disaster. It was doing something right with it's defences, I can't imagine a Dakotaraptor or an alioramid doing much to it. It's just not that effective against something as large as T. rex because size matters.
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agreed, far too many a time have i seen nothing but Ankylosaurus breaking the legs of T.Rex in ever book and show with them in it
it's cool to see the tables turned for once
Real Heavy Weight
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Which raises the question of how'd they pull it off?
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Brute force? The largest known specimens of Ankylosaurus magniventris look to be roughly on par with the smallest known adult Tyrannosaurus rex specimens.
Love the feathers.
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