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black and white

By guimarconi
i love black and white.... :-)
for ideafixa magazine [link]
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so full of ART!la-lentine (var.2) 
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That is so cool
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Wow! I'm very impressed by this work! :)
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Uh huh, you know what it is
Black and white
Black and white
Black and white
Black and white
Everything I do, I do two-colored...
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Black and white, but still very detailed. The kind of things I hope to achieve. Thanks for sharing!
May i use this on videos for my youtube channel? Please contact me on or i would really apperciate it.
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LOVE LOVE! Printed big I bet the rest of your life you will ALWAYS find something new. That is art!
i want all my walls covered in this 
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I really like graphic stuff like this! So much detail, the small browser window doesn't do it justice; I would love to see this full size in a gallery!
gracias, como hago para tener la version vectorizada
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more then impressive....bravo 
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Very cool! The detail is amazing.
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Impressive amount of detail.
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very cool! I am typically more into traditional art, but this catches the eye and makes one curious! Well done
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Chaotic! Very cool collage -

If you get a chance, pls check out the comic I am working on --> [link] - Its an alternative indie comic I am self-publishing early next year. Pls support it by 'like-ing' it (if you do, of course)


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This is how my thoughts are typically organised...
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GOD! This is amazing! Such complexity! Where did you start? How did you know what to do next and where to put what?
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A LOT of creativity here, wish i could manage to draw something like this, but if i tried, mostly likely i would screw up one way or another, great job
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what is this style called. my friends knows how to do this and i want to learn how to also.
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