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Run for your life

Puuhh..finally done!

This is another FFVII -ACEO.
It was very difficult to get all the details on the tiny card, but I am really proud of the result! The scan totally ruined it..again...

Why Cloud destroyed the city? Well, I listened to the song "Get Out Alive" from Three Days Grace and then the question "What would happen if Cloud weren't able to resists Sephiroth and the Jenova manipulation?" popped into my mind.

This is what I imagined.
Maybe it was Tifa who scratched out his right eye before he killed her??


Used copics and airbrush, polychromos, acrylic paint, black ink and white Edding on marbled paper
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Looks awesome!! :love:
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"This is my last time, she said as she faded away
It's hard to imagine, but one day you'll end up like me" and then she scratched his eye out? gotta love that song =P
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HOw do you get the colored penicl or whatever u used to look like that?? Do you use watercolor pencils? Or another tool??

I wanna know! I am a bit jealous...
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Oh, you dont have to be jealous!

Well, basically it's copics. For the skin and the hair I mixed the copic with a brown colorpencil. The green light stuff is a pencil too The background is copic, mixed with airbrush and the glowing of his hand is white acrylic paint...
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^^ I dont wanna be jealous..but cannot control it sometimes *nods*

OH! Copics that is cool..I knew that I have seen that kinda coloring before on a different drawing...........WOW!! I didnt think you used that much stuff for a single picure...Now I would really like to learn how to paint and used the compter and copic markers as well *nods*
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I never used so much stuff before either!
But I've never been satisfied and tried this, and then tried this, and took that.. and now I love the result. ^^

Well.. I would love to show you the way I am coloring...
Maybe I should do a "step-by-step" thingy... ^^
*takes out camera*
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Yeah..the only things that I have used are colored pencils, markers(BAD COLORING SOURCE!) and inking pens....that is all that I have used by hand...the rest on the computer...I am still working on it..need to get the cool effects...*nods*

The tools are really expensive though...I dunno if my mom will let me get the air brush thingys....*thinks* But I really want art supplies for and my mom were looking for some on Amazon! They have a lot of things there that can be useful for black and while coloring...they also sell all the copic markers of 72 for like 200 bucks!!! O-o WOW!!!!

But yeah u should do the tutorial^^ I would watch it!!
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