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Hey, I actually drew something again!
Been a while- actually did not touch a pencil since Oct. 2015 after having an accident that did not let me focus on something like drawing for quite some time. I tried now, due to a picture Sebastian Stan uploaded to his Instagram profile. A lot of artists got inspired by it, and I love every result. Mine is not as good, and...yeah.. I am slow...

ACEO done with traditionals only (scan crappy as always).
Winter Soldier belongs to MARVEL.
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MissPaperJoker's avatar
Yo! So well done, I´m impressed!!! Das Foto ist so cool :D
You nailed his arm and shirt and damn, that facial impression is awesome! The MOUTH! Your colors are great! :)))
GuiltyOne's avatar
Haw, thx so much for your kind words!
Mit kommt es recht langweilig vor, weil es so farblos ist, aber naja... bunt is das Motiv jetzt irgendwie nicht.. xD
MissPaperJoker's avatar
With pleasure!
Ist nicht langweilig, und bunt ist nicht gleich gut ;) Auch in Farben ist oft weniger mehr! Ich mags!!
GuiltyOne's avatar
Ich habe irgendwie immer so gesetzte/einfarbige Bilder..
Was buntes habe ich irgendwie nie, meine Sachen werden immer düster xD
MissPaperJoker's avatar
Wenn düster dein Ding ist ;) Ich mags! Wenn du bunt ausprobieren willst, bewusst, dann guck doch mal nach so Palette challanges :)
GuiltyOne's avatar
Hab ich schon versucht, liegt mir irgendwie nicht, so buntes xD
MissPaperJoker's avatar
Dann soll es wohl nicht sein! Umarm es :D
Nourak's avatar
Bad ass skills!
GuiltyOne's avatar
Nyo, I don't have them! >.<
Nourak's avatar
Of course you do!
scoobylady's avatar
Looks amazing :clap: :D
GuiltyOne's avatar
Thank you so much for loving my artwork!
reikohattori's avatar
oh wow this looks amazing ...seriously incredible o.o
civil war hit me right in the feels and this picture definitely captures the heart ache that the end of the film dealt me ;u;
GuiltyOne's avatar
Civil War was everything that hurts right in the Feels... true..
I am so happy you like my artwork, it means a lot to me!
Wolfenstein2552's avatar
Captain America: Civil War was a really great movie but holy hell did it get dark. Great work with this :)
GuiltyOne's avatar
Yeah, the movie was awesome! I really liked it, watched it several times :)
Thx a bunch for liking my artwork! Means a lot to me!
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