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Nero- Shall never surrender

I wanted to test a new paper I got a sheet from ~Schaefchen-86
It's some kind of linon-like paper and I found it hard to draw on- but coloring was kinda interesting because of it's structure.

So my victim was Nero again. Poor boy he has to endure so much with me *laugh*
I made him even doesn't look like himself.. in my opinion.... is it because I let him smile?

Meow.....though I really spend time coloring it it looks so boring with it's only red and blue...somehow....

Please don't look at the anatomical incorrectness....

Done with Copics, Polychromos and arylic white; scan ate the details again <,<


Totally inspired by the Novel "Deadly Fortune" and it's lovely artwork.

Huuuuge file for download!

Picture totally makes me looking forward to my Nero Cosplay x3

You can find the uncolored version in my scrapbook ^___^~
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aussie-dragon's avatar
Wow this is done with copics!? Here's me thinking its done in acrylics on canvas.
Too much time analysing paintings at school makes everything weird x___x
Nicely done!! It's amazing *o*
GuiltyOne's avatar
Haha, yes, it's Copics on a ..canvas-like paper.
Maybe that's why. Thx so much for loving, makes me happy ^__^~
aussie-dragon's avatar
Oh I see I see. Still looks awesome though 8D
No worries!! :huggle:
PockyGurl14's avatar
*glomps Nero* :glomp:

:iconneroplz: : crap/ **** :depressed:

:iconpockygurl14: : sorry I couldn't help it :iconhurrplz:
PockyGurl14's avatar
:blushes: luv Nero soooooo much :love:
iNeyraei's avatar
''.....They will see, we'll fight until the eternity, come with me, we'll stand and fight together, through our strength, we'll make a better day tomorrow, we shall never surrender....''
NeroKarasu's avatar
Very nice detail with the arm.

Ausgezeichnete Arbeit!
GuiltyOne's avatar
Haha, danke! x3
Yami-Kyo's avatar
...> [] < ~ Like your Art so muchh it Handmade Art is very nice !!! I can't to do that like you > <~ because my skill for paint is lowww ~TT A TT~.....
...I hope your next victim is a Nero again > <~ Hee hee...
GuiltyOne's avatar
I bet he is!
Still got a picture of him in my mind,lying naked on his bed listening to music... x3
I just need to find the time drawing xD

Thx for liking so much!
NeroKarasu's avatar
Woah! Vivid image in head! Lol
Yami-Kyo's avatar
...I hope you find the time to drawing him > <~ I be waiting to see na~...

...For your cosplay Nero ~ When you to cos him ?~ [ Ahhh~~ My ENG so bad Sorry > <'' ]...
GuiltyOne's avatar
I gonna wear the Nero-cosplay next year in March but I am pretty sure I finish and wear it ealier since I am sooo eager to start on it!

And with your English is okay ^^
Blackarmoredsage's avatar
Nero always seems to be smiling in battle :nod: well..sometimes xD
GuiltyOne's avatar
Yeah...guess he loves slaying enemies xD
Blackarmoredsage's avatar
I guess so xDD That is Nero for you :nod:
11Sharn11's avatar
You know something?

Because something this awesome cannot be expressed in words alone.

And having Nero as your plaything when drawing is FINE BY ME.

And I am also looking forward to seeing the possible results of this said cosplay. 8D
GuiltyOne's avatar
Thanks so much! Nero is such a hot thing! x3
11Sharn11's avatar
I am completely in support of making Nero do whatever we command.
He's a game character, after all, that's his job. 8D
Syomy's avatar
love it! i like the details on his shirt. ;) btw, what is nero from? (lol *feels so noobish* :P)
GuiltyOne's avatar
Nero is from "Devil May Cry 4" ^__^~
Syomy's avatar
oh, ok. thanks :)
11Sharn11's avatar
Devil May Cry 4.
If you don't have it, go get it.
It's well worth it. 8DDDD
Syomy's avatar
lol, ok, i'll keep that in mind. :P
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