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Nero- Nightlife

Wore my Nero-Cosplay the 2nd time this year a week ago...
Hope more pictures will come soon.

Convention: "Connichi 2010" in Kassel/Germany
Character: "Nero" from Devil May Cry 4
Cosplay done and worn by me

....Convisitors thought I was a boy.... *laugh*
Mission accomplished!!


I will not send instructions how I built my Devilbringer anymore! I send out about 50 messages, and it's not a lie, and I am fed up. Seriously folks, come up with an idea of your own, I was able to manage it was well!
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._. Your Nero is awesome...
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das Cos sieht wirklich verdammt gut aus, es fehlen nur noch die weißen Augen ^^;

Aber wie ich -hoffentlich schon mal erwähnt hab- ich zieh echt den Hut vor Dir und Deiner ganzen Arbeit an dem Kostüm (darf man das so nenne??)
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Danke fürs Lob ^////^~
Aber..Nero..weisse Augen? die sind doch blau xD
PapaskleinerLiebling's avatar
ich will das nicht so recht wahr haben
ich finde die sehen eher so ... gletscherblau/weiß aus

Sorry, ich mag nun mal Männer mit weißen Augen *an Dante denkt* :drool:
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You look like Nero!
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Thx so much! I tried so hard!
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You're welcome! I hope to pull off a Nero cosplay as epic as that one day...
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oh my, thx for liking so much >////<
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You're welcome. :glomp:
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Incredible cosplay, probably the best Nero i've seen^ ^ The pose is really good, and the photo is really well taken. Love it!
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thx so much!
I love nero to the core, and I wanted to be worth the character so I really did my best on the outfit.
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You can really see the effort, and it was all worth it. And it makes you a better cosplayer, if you don't have the right sprit to want to be the person, it'll never work out.
Just really impressive^ ^
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Aaaaaaaw honey, you're the best Nero ever!!! I do love this costume and shot so much in all its epicness. You're gorgeous! :heart: :hug:
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Oh Yeah, more picture of your awesome cosplay!! *O*
People was thinking that I was a boy too when I was wearing my Vergil cosplay xD They even ask if my sister and I was twin ( we look very much eachother )
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Omg, Nero... your Dad is in the background. *points to archway next to the demon arm*

That's hilarious. XD And awesome picture!
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Still amazing. XD
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