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End of Line Cosplay- I create the Future

Finally I am able to share the first picture of my worn Winter Soldier Cosplay!
Had a shooting on Connichi Friday with the wonderful talented VW. All pictures are non shopped. He was just capable enough to catch the Winter Soldier at night for a photo!

Cosplayer on this picture is me.
Cosplay 100% done by me also.

Please do not re-upload!
If you want to spread love for my cosplay, please comment below , fav, or reblog from my Tumblr:


More Bucky??

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Wow. Honestly, this blew my mind. I have looked all over the internet at Winter Soldier cosplays and yours is the best! The detail on the arm is absolutely superb. I have been wanting to do a Winter Soldier cosplay for several months and I have been thinking very hard on how I will make the arm. Your arm is definitely the best I have seen, so I'm interested to ask how did you make your arm? 

I see that the metallic parts are thin craft foam, but (reading one of the comments below) how did you make muscles from foam? I was very impressed when I read you did that. How are the muscles attached to your shirt? (Did you stick foam inside of your shirt and glue it?) And the foam for the muscles, is it EVA foam or something else?

Your cosplay is amazing and I would like to do something similar with the arm, so I would appreciate as much detail as you would like to say and any tips you may have. I have crafted with foam for my Star Wars Mandalorian bounty hunter before, so I'm not a total beginner when it comes to foam. Again, amazing work!
GuiltyOne's avatar
Whoa, thank you so much for your kind words!
I am speechless now and happy that I could convince you with my work!
Gonna sent you a PN with the details on the arm ;)
NeonGrrrl's avatar
OMG this cosplay is perfect!!! I'm thinking to do a Winter Soldier soon (still deciding if genderbend or crossplay).
GuiltyOne's avatar
Thx so much for loving my cosplay! :)
Please no genderbend- Bucky is a guy ;)
AyyaSAP's avatar
stunning cosplay!:happybounce: 
GuiltyOne's avatar
Whoa, thank you so much for loving this! ^___^~
Rogi37's avatar
krass, das nenn ich mal ne rüstung
GuiltyOne's avatar rüstung?
meinst du den arm? *lach*
was auch immer du meinst, ganz viel liebe für deinen kommentar ^^
Rogi37's avatar
nya, eigentlich mein ich das ganze Cos. Rüstung, Uniform, whatever. Alles einfach nur genial. Und das Foto nebenbei bemerkt auch
GuiltyOne's avatar
Haw, danke!
Dank des talentierten Fotografen sehe ich besonders toll aus...sonst...nur ein wenig toll... xD
trojanvirus-exe's avatar
wow. amazing. I love the lightning, it really makes you look formidable. And that arm, just ;____; so beautiful. you've skillfully portrayed a look of raw power and ruthlessness. 
also p.s. is the hair real or a wig?
GuiltyOne's avatar
Thx so much for loving this picture!
The photographer did an amazing work, and thx to him I look perfect *laugh*
I am very proud of how the arm turned out myself, and it makes me so happy you took the time to write down some nice words.

That hair is a wig, and I love it so much I wanna wear it 24/7 *laugh*
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I AM FANGIRLING SO HARD RIGHT NOW. THIS IS PERFECTION. You managed to get his arm PERFECT and just...omigod you could literally be the Winter Soldier and no one would blink twice. It is just AMAZING how accurate you made this costume (Sebastian Stan would be jelly, haha) but seriously- phenomenal artistry and execution of this concept. I am really blown away. I cannot say enough good things about this cosplay! :iconsobeautifulplz:
GuiltyOne's avatar
Sweet Beard of Odin, I do not know what to say. Thank you for your nice words, you left me speechless for several minutes now- let alone the fact you mentioned me and Sebastian in one comment, haha!
I am grinning like a madman because of you.
Thank you so much for this! I am always happy when my cosplaywork and pictures touch someone.
Putting this outfit together was pretty hard+ I did not have much time, and I am proud myself on how it turned out.
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You are just so talented and your work is just incredible! Seriously, seeing your cosplay has truly been a treat for me to see and I am looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future! Thank you for posting your phenemonal work :D
KreepingSpawn's avatar
Fantastic!  Great costume and staging.  Bravo!
GuiltyOne's avatar
Thank you so much for loving my cosplay, and the photographers amazing work!
KreepingSpawn's avatar
mysteria-violent's avatar
Great cosplay! :) I'm going to make a fem Bucky cosplay, so thank you for inspiration)) 
GuiltyOne's avatar
Thank you so much for loving my cosplay!
Can I ask you a question though? I never got what inspires so many people to do fem-versions..o.o
BaronDeRais's avatar
This is so awesome!  Great job man :]
GuiltyOne's avatar
...or girl....x3
But thx for liking my work eitherway!
BaronDeRais's avatar
Sorry about that >.<
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