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DMC4 Nero- You wish

Wow, exactly one year after I wore this costume I was linked on this uploaded picture.
So I thought I show some more Nero-love because this photo turned out very nicely and I still love this cosplay.

Nero costume made and worn by me
Picture taken at Bookfair Leipzig/Germany in March 2010


I will not send instructions how I built my Devilbringer anymore! I send out about 50 messages, and it's not a lie, and I am fed up. Seriously folks, come up with an idea of your own, I was able to manage it was well!
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can I borrow the cosplay, it's so cool and beautiful

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Sorry. Cancel that. I hadn't looked at your other descriptive pictures. I don't take back what I said about it being the best though
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Thx for the praise! It's always nice to hear :)
I used sand. Nothing more :)
Two diffrent grains and just worked it in with the paintjob.
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I read the comments you posted for the ones asking how you made it. I get it. My only question is how you gave it the rocky, rough texture. Only question I swear. I've figured out everything else, I just need to know the texture because it's the best replica in the world.
Think of it as flattery that people are coming to you for instruction! They don't want it to look half-assed so they turn to one of the best for tips! Make a tutorial and slap it in your gallery to get 'em off your back, it works like a charm. ^_^ Half the questions are about materials and how things were glued together, lol. Everyone wants to find a way to make a great cosplay quickly and cheaply but that's rarely ever the case -- you put a LOT of time and effort into this and it shows. *applauds*

Obviously I don't have to tell you that you did a wonderful job. The picture says that clearly enough! Wonderful painting technique, you really made it look convincing!
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thx for your liking my cosplay work!

Well, people asking is not that bad. Bad is, that no one ever credited me though I asked them to. it is rude, and it's what drove me mad in the end so I am fed up with people taking but not giving...
You are very welcome! Honestly, who couldn't like your work? It's superb! If I had to guess, I'd say you worked on makeup crew/prop team for films -- you're work has the same level of precision, polish, and practicality.

Ah, that is a shame. :\ I ask cosplayers all the time what they worked with, how they made it and so on, and I always inquire after a DA profile. Hell, I just saw a famous FemShep at Youmacon last weekend and I faved Yaya Han's cosplay after attending her panel on Worbla armor at AWA. We geeks have to stick together! So I can certainly understand your frustrations when people do not credit to you. The least they could do is drop your DA name, sheesh. It really isn't that hard and I don't blame you for getting fed up with it.

Hopefully, I will be hosting a panel at Youmacon next year on Devil May Cry and I've seen tons of Dante cosplayers but absolutely no Nero's -- which is how I started researching and then stumbled on your profile! Just the images you've put up of the WIP arm and costume pieces tell a great deal, have certainly narrowed down possibilities for me -- the problem is that some people want point-by-point instructions so they can get an 'exact copy' of your work. All that's really needed is a place to start, some basic guidelines and the rest is pretty much just trial and error and lots of hard work. Folks don't seem to realize that sadly, and you get the short end of the stick when they don't extend some courtesy. :\

To be honest, I think I will just cheat and make the fingers/hand and hide the rest in a sling. :P My skills are nowhere near yours and trying to duplicate your work would just be an exercise in futility. Don't let those rude folks get you down -- you are one of the best out there and that's why folks hound you. Get back at them by smirking at their horrible copies as you walk past to collect your "Best Cosplayer" award. ;)

If people take the time to read this comment as they are ogling this excellent cosplay: TAKE A NOTE -- BE POLITE AND GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE.
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Wow, your words honor me so much. Thank you, I don't really know what to reply.
Actually I received everything I ever did for cosplay with hours of hard work. It always starts with a brainstorming- what do I want as an endresult? Something soft und unbreakable? Something light instead of heavy? What materials do I know and how expensive are they? What could be used otherwise if costs are too high (for me, a costume is "just a costume" in the end, and I am not willing to spend like 500 bucks+ for it!)?
Then I start with sketchings and thinking my brain out how to start on the projekt. Sewing is easy, I know sewing and am trained, but something as the Debilbringer for example was something new, something I never tried on before. When I think about it know, there are some things I would have changed if known better, but actually I would use the same "ingredients" again.

By the way, Yaya is wonderful, she was at Connichi this year and the last. How can anyone not like/fav her??

Well, just because one has the same recipe does not make the same cake- at least that's what I say. So I do/did not mind sharing my recipe for this Devilbringer, I just..yeah..never got any credit (or at least 1 out of 10 credited me) and decided not to answer questions regarding it anymore. Which is sad for the "honest person" asking, but it's always the idiots that ruin the fun for everyone in the end.
I was even asked on commission for Devilbringers, and imagine, when I replied that I'll take money for my work, they were actually pissed!
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Where did you get the devil arm?
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made it myself ^.~
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What I want to know is how on earth you made the devil bringer look so realistic. Please, notecard me or something. I HAVE to know. :D
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hx so much for loving!
If you look for an instruction though, I am sorry- I told about a hundred people already, and I will not anymore. Come up with something on your own, folks *laugh*
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Alright, if you won't tell me by just myself.. go find one of the notecards you sent to someone and copy it and paste it into a journal so no one will have to ask anymore, you can then just direct them to the journal and voila. It's just.. you did the best job I've ever seen and I'd love to know.. I know lots of people asked, but who can blame us. You did a marvelous job, and now all I'm asking is for you to copy and paste something to make it public so you won't have to deal with anyone like me anymore. Please? Pretty pretty please? :3
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no sorry. I had a message already which I copied and copied and copied and I am just fed up xD
Seriously, I came up with all that crap on my own as well so why shouldnt anyone else be that "genius" to create such a "marvelous" devilbringer as I did? It took me about half a year to finish that thing so start thinking some things up.
I tried with sketches and looking on other cosplayers and making notes...about unbreakable materials, what is perfect so that I can still move my hand etc. You can do that!
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It's harder than ya think. Harder for us since you have this amazing skills that we just have no fathomable clue on how to recreate for ourselves. I'll just go ask someone else in the comments if they can pass on your message to me. Thanks, I guess.
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everyone has this ability for everyone was born with a brain. use it and you'll find out.
if you feel like you're not able to, then maybe this cosplay is nothing for you. i think its really rude and whatsoever (i dont wanna curse here now) to go and get MY message from SOMEONE ELSE!
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Beautiful arm detail. Nice to see a close up
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I'm stuck on my own devil bringer do you have any pointers on how to do it? Because I must say yours is AWESOME
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Aaaw honey, you're the best ever!! <3333 I'm much in love with your Nero costume and I'm also much proud I could do pictures with you together as Kyrie. Can't wait for Connichi to have you as my partner by my side again! :heart: :huggle:
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Nice Arm, it's epic! <3
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Ach, du bist echt niedlich. >D <3
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niedlich? xD
ey frauke, ich bin n echter kerl! xD
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*Augenbraue heb*
Ein echter Kerl? Du?

Süß reicht doch! x3 *zurück knuffel*
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