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DMC4-Nero Cosplay Coat

Actually I am not the person for uploading every step I am taking when working on a cosplay but there is a friend of mine that would go on a rampage if I don't do so.
Since I don't want children to cry because of me, here is my coat.

Only thing still missing is the clasp but I am so lazy about modeling stuff.... it's always the last thing I do *hates it*
And yeah, it's still unironed, as you can see especially on the back *laugh*

Unfortunatly the cam did not want to take a proper sharp close-up picture of the buttons.... but I guess it is enough to be seen, eh?

Looks a little unfinished without the vest...which will drive me crazy while sewing it, I know this already! u.u
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this is really awesome! might I ask how you got the symbol onto the coat?
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I used acrylicpaint ^^
I meassured the space I had, then adjusted the crest in photoshop, printed it and made a stencil by cutting it out with little scissors.

then I put it on the sleeve and with red acrylic-paint I dabed it onto the fabric...not painting, dabing, gives a nicer and more natural effect ^^
and that was it.

thx for loving btw!
JadeKatana's avatar
cool thanks for the advice, I plan making this by hand (or machine rather) cosplay one day, and I want it to be as much me as I can put into it.
Sly-T's avatar
Three word's: I. Want. It. *__*
GuiltyOne's avatar
Thanks fr liking/wanna have!
VampArtemis's avatar
:D amazing job! I feel your pain about the vest... it looks even more difficult to make than the coat. Can't wait to see the final result
11Sharn11's avatar
Holy shit it's made of win.
This is amazing and I can't wait to see the end result.
I feel for you trying to do the vest though.
That thing looks like it'll be a challenge.
Good luck with it!
pikagurlXD's avatar
GuiltyOne's avatar
Haha, because I can? x3
pikagurlXD's avatar
Dammit... >3> you and your glorious combacks. XD
HimeGabi's avatar
Good job. I am VERY impressed with your clean tailoring and the nice looking Order sign on the sleeve. So many people mess that up and you did a great job on it.
I hope the wearer does all they can to do it justice.
GuiltyOne's avatar
Thank you so much for liking my cosplaywork ^///^~
DemonDragon-chan's avatar
aww amazing work! even now looks so much better than mine was kekeke :giggle: :XD:
GuiltyOne's avatar
thx for liking x3

did you sew yours yourself? o,o
DemonDragon-chan's avatar
eheh that was kinda groupwork ^^; cuz my dear aunt and meh mommy helped a lot :XD:and what about yours? :D
GuiltyOne's avatar
groupwork is funny xD

I made it on my own ^^ totally proud of it and the way it came out
DemonDragon-chan's avatar
whooh you must be very persistent :XD: i would never be able to make it by myself :meow:
zebigdog's avatar
Wow!!! That's really good! O__O Awesome job!! *_*
Maryru's avatar
Ich finde es toll! Hoffe ich kanns dann auch mal auf einer Con bewundern.
GuiltyOne's avatar
wenn du auf die lbm gehst kannst du es sicher, wenn wir uns begegnen...abyssinian will auch noch unbedingt meinen arm anfummeln *lach*
Maryru's avatar
Ich häng sowieso an Aby, dann werden wir uns auch sicher sehen *g*
Und den Arm würd ich auch gern anfassen... wenn ich darf..!
GuiltyOne's avatar
eben, deswegen erwähnte ich es ja *lach*
klar...wenn mich einer anfummelt, können mich auch zwei anfummeln...aber wenn ihr noch mehr mitbringt müsst ihr meinem dante n stück pizza mitbringen, damit er nicht hinsieht, wenn sein nero dauerhaft betatscht wird xD
Maryru's avatar
Yay, danke! *g*
Hmm.. ein Stück Pizza? Ich weiß nicht.. aber dann hätte dein Dante Schulden bei mir, ich bezahl das Stück sicher nicht aus eigener Tasche. >D

Wer cosst denn für dich Dante? Hast du auf der LBM noch mehr Cospartner? :3
GuiltyOne's avatar
dante hat immer schulden xD
wäre ja nichts neues....

ich hatte mal eine echt große gruppe....aber.. sie schrumpfte mehr und mehr zusammen, weil jeder kein geld hatte obwohls schon lange feststand...und nun...hab ich nur noch 2 cospartner, die feststehen- dante und patty.
kyrie nur zu 10%...leider..
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