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DMC4- Home....sweet home...

After feeling miserably stuck with a commissioned ACEO for a while now I needed to draw something I know to get rid of the upcoming frustration (oohhh, I can feel it, I can feel it!!).

So this is the result, another ACEO consisting of two parts.
I really like how Nero came out.... *wanna touch Devilbringer*

This Friday my vacation starts and I will be off for a while then... so if I wont't answer on comments and stuff, don't be mad at me, it's not my fault *laugh*
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Though Dante/Nero is not my fave, this is really sweet:)
So you use copic markers? Are they hard to use?(Asking because I'm considering to buy those) I've heard they are quite expensive also:( And do you need reference? I can never create anything without reference... :( Especially if it's poses.
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Well, it's basically not a pairing related picture, so I guess everyone could be fine with it. ^^
Yeah, it's done with Copics- actually I am mixing Copics and ordinary Colorpencils, 'cause with them you can do very light shading and stuff...
The markers really are expensive, but since you can refill them and don't have to buy a new one evry time it's pretty fine, and they're very long lasting. It needs a little training how to blend colors, so that the shading won't be too hard, but basically you just have to try and find out your way ^^

Using a reference is nothing bad! Seriously not!
Actually I always have to smile when I am finding pictures where the artist proudly said "I used no reference for it!" I just am thinking then...well..with any, it would even look better...
Even the Mona Lisa wasn't done without any reference, so come on! I don't get the drift what's so "bad" about using a ref. Most of the time I have friends posing and I am doing a roughsketch, or for animals I have to look up tons of pictures...but that's fine, so don't feel bad for looking at something. You cannot be able to know everything ^^
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...WoW~ > < ~ I like your pic so much ~it so genial > [] < ~ .....

...What is colour do you paint? Water colour or Poster colour~ ...

[ My ENG is so bad > <'' ]
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Thanks for liking, it means a lot to me!

I use Copic markers from Japan and ordinary colorpencils. I really suck at PC-art *laugh*

And bad english is okay... ^^
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What a fantastic picture XD
The atmosphere is so peaceful and harmonic ^v^
Great job!!! X3
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This is fantastic, as always
Have fun on your vacation!
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its so cute nero
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echt cool^^
Gefällt mir.

Deine Karte müsste ab übermorgen bei dir sein^^
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weee-heeee super cutie :D :D
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