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Cloud Strife - Soleil

Some days ago I asked a friend why there isn't any picture of Cloud Strife for the Playgirl.
She answered, it must be because I didn't draw any so far.

So I did.

What I like most is his face, and his hair. I am glad I managed it somehow that it actually _looks_ like him *laugh*
Still I have to admit that I had to watch some anatomical pictures about muscles and stuff.
To see the whole thing, klick download (huuuge, careful!)


Oracle asked me to draw Zack next. I am sure I will.

and YAAAY for 100 Deviations! ^.^~
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Cloud would say : nice work ! ^^
TheChosenDragon's avatar
whew I can't breath oh my gwash.... :drool:
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If only there was a Final Fantasy Playgirl Magazine.....

Love this pic! very nice!!! feel free to make more lol :D
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Hmmm, I'm guessing he got up waaaaayyy before Marlene and Denzel are due up, or waaaay after they've left for school. Hopefully he remembered to lock the door if he sleeps nude.

Anyhoo, GOOD JOB!!!
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Oh I love this one, mostly because of his facial expression. He looks so relaxed and natural and not always brooding, and very handsome and realistic too even compared to the original. His pose and location makes me feel like he has just woken up (next to who is up to the imagination :giggle:) before them, and is filling in some time by standing at the window, enjoying the view (and if he forgot to put pants on I'm sure those across the street would be too :lauhing:) His body looks nice, not the typical skinny body he's often given but not beefed up too much either, this is probably a more expected body type for Cloud :eyes:
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thx so much for loving!
I did not want to make him look like he is starving, because.. he is a soldier after all _and_ Mako-infused. He has some muscles. Otherwise he would not be able to handle that big sword of his *laugh*
I am glad the result is balanced and pleases your eyes ^.~

Oh that's kinda exactly what I thought. Maybe outside is a foggy autumn-morning, sun barely risen. and he was hungry (or needed to pee xD) so he got up earlier... and will cuddle up to beloved person in a minute or two ^.~
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Lol, yes - that sword probably weighs more than he does, he's bound to be built under that snug-fitting jacket of his :giggle:

And if he's anything like me - he has to get up early every morning to pee :rofl:
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Haha, yes, I know that!
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omg this is freaking awesome....
y0shiip0shii's avatar
wooooow O-O he looks....... delicious :3 you did a great job! love that you cant see any pants ..
omg im so horrible.... lol
GuiltyOne's avatar
...maybe he is not wearing any? ^.~
Thx for loving!
y0shiip0shii's avatar
no prob! 8D its kind of a weak spot ;3
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Yes... Just... Yes... HELLZ yes *nose bleed*
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This is beautiful :33
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Haha, if only this was real ;D
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Ohhhh, yes....
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hehe i LOVE it but as I asked you before why did you stop there?
GuiltyOne's avatar
Because I did not wanna draw a penis xD
gentlemansalliance's avatar
hehe i LOVE it but as I asked you before why did you stop there?
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Cloud and Playgirl!! Dreams really do come true.
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Yes..sometimes you just have to wish hard enough ^.~
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