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Abraham C. Reyes- Duke of Denenia

First artwork of 2018, and it's my OC Chase again :D

Can't get enough of him lately, but this time I tried on realism more than depicting him in my own style. I wanted to create a portrait that may appear like an artist ingame painted the young Duke for the ancestors-gallerie. 

Here you see, Abraham Chase Reyes, Duke of Denenia, and scholar of the Dark Arts; although being of unknown parentage and male sex, the Queen of Zéya favores him over her own daughter...

Scan is crappy as always and watermark is necessary, sorry :/
Can you guess the person I used as my faceclaim? :D
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He looks like Sebastian Stan!  :heart:  I love him!

I also love that little blurb of his background!  Wonderfully done!  I would love to get to know him better and read some of his story!

Keep up the great work!!  :love:
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Thx for your kind words! <3

Actually, Chase is a new-old character of mine :D
I designed him a few years back for a written online RP. Back then, the admin demanded faceclaims of real persons, and I decided for Sebastian Stan. That's why Chase looks like him <3
Unfortunately said RPG never really started... I was able to write 3 postings and that was it. Nevertheless I liked the character-design and saved it on my harddrive...
A friend of mine started another online RP last year and I decided to revive Chase..with a few alterations, because this time the RP takes place in a fantasy world... buuut.. here he is. And since I am able of really playing him now, I found new love for Chase :)
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That sounds really great!  And Sebastian Stan is for certain a wonderfully handsome face claim!

I love RPing so much, and the love you develop for those characters is something special, that's for sure.
I'm glad your Chase got a second chance at 'life', and I look forward to seeing more of this gorgeous boy around.

Now I need to find me a good online RP to join.  :D  Maybe I can wake up some of these restless spirits.  LOL