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Psychically stalking your every move :3
Supporter of the Robot race
Anti Pikachu Pro Raichu
Fan of everything Digimon and Pokemon
Worshiper of Robots (wait I said that one)
Crazy freak :3


Welp, time to retire the outline folks, it got to the point where it made it annoying to do expressions without a wierd shade of black lining overlapping the texture, even with the no outline option on you still see a little outline when some expressions are done, so yeah no outline, but if you want to add outline yourself just open the model in PMX editor and add outline, but beware, some expressions and or movement will show a bit of excess outline marks
Working on 3 things, Agumon X's forms of course, Smash Ultimate Incineroar and Simon Belmont, I'm thinking of making a revamp of Incineroar's black fur color and making him someone, different :)

Also Gabumon X's forms as well :D
So I'm trying the DA eclipse site and I got one question....
I have 4k deviations and there's no search gallery bar, I have to switch to old site to get that feature... ugh not liking eclipse so far
Ok I solved the bone error thingy, other parts of Jessmon X's bones seem to be fine but his arm and spine parts are all over the place for some reason, because they are official bones and PMX editor identifies it as official bones I can highlight the bone in the weight related bone selection and it would highlight the part the bone is part of and I would put the bone where that highlighted bone is making it easy for me to get it all set and done which is good
Okie doke because DeviantArt's auto resizing bug is effing up the comics I make, anyone who can't see the text in the new pages you will see a full view link in the description so you can see the larger version of any pic that was resized

Nano: Thank you drive through
Hmm I think Smash Dracula was supposed to have a movable mouth but they never gave it to him, I don't know I never played Smash at 9.0 intensity to even fight Dracula, but as I zoomed in to his face I see what looks like teeth and a tongue, yet no mouth texture is present in the model file itself, what I can do is maybe give him a movable mouth and then add color to the inside of his mouth, now I said maybe because this is the first time I try to add expressions to a model with very high vertrices, if I can't do it or it looks really ugly I'll just give him a smile and a frown
I found a model of Alucard's sword for the SOTN smash pack unfortunately it's the sword from Castlevania Judgment...........yeeeeeeeah :/
Rigging Dracula and Richter (Smash 4) for the upcoming "Symphony of the Night" Pack by the way Drac looks awesome, not better than the anime version though which you should watch....WATCH IT!!!!!

seriously though the anime is very well done :)
I have in my possession a certain smash character I've been wanting to rig for so long he's dear to my heart since the playstation era

I'll let this music give you a hint :) 
So yeah that Metroid Prime ridley I got was extracted from an SFM file and thanks to the blender SMD tool It had the bones intact, then I see this…

Hmmmmmmmm ;)

Looks like METROIDecember got interesting
It's almost the holiday week which means it's time for some Metroid rigs :)
Getting to work on Pokken Sceptile and Braixen, stay tuned
Updating Chase and Elaine, forgot to add custom skin and clothes
UPDATE: Wait no hold on problem fixed thank to the almighty 3d god we all know as the great and powerful Noesis, got it and converting to png

okie doke good news and bad news,

Good news, I got all the model files from Pokemon Lets Go

Bad news....the DDS textures don't work, they don't even open...I redownloaded thinking maybe the download crashed on my browser, nah nope, checked to see if I could open the dds on other programs, nope, the dds just doesn't work, if anyone could help find out why this is I'll sent you a dds file as an example and maybe a fix could happen

Nano: Yeah that charmander is without his skin dude 
Before I get started on the Trainer pack I got sum Pokeballs for Y'all
Ooooookay so!!! the decidueye I planned to retool with official bones, well guess what, those official bones don't work, they are there buuut the don't move jack shit!! so to save myself the trouble and the frustration I'm going to overhaul my already rigged decidueye with more updates and eye movement since this is the same one I downloaded from the resource and it's smooth and all stay tuned
Nanotype arcade mode? what the heck is that?

said no one ever

Anyway you noticed with the Nano vs White Rabbit comic there was a slight change in title, that's because I decided to do the comic like a fighting game with various Nanotype characters, the same as what I will do with the Pokken models as you saw from an old pic and yes just like every fighting game nowadays it will have a crossover guest fighter...but who is it?

Nano: Because Guest characters are a trend in Fighting games now hell we have 2B in Soul Calibur

Lucas: Since you got created in the game a story can be created on how 2B's mission is to hunt you down because you are a psychotic nuclear robot :)

Welp note to self, sometimes official bones isn't always a good thing, Mega Lucario is a mess bone wise, when his head moves half his left arm and lower body moves with it and his left toe is incomplete, sheesh time to do it from scratch
Finishing up the Next order tamers, two more left, the original bones have their finger bones, makes it easier, just gotta work on the infuriating 60 expressions this guy has XD
Hoo got one more rig in me before I deflate and take a break XD
HAH GET IT...becau.....I'll be in my room

Nano: YOU SUCK!!!

Anyway that new pokemon game huh? looks friggin amazing, can't wait to play it and of course, you know me..I always pick fire so of course my starter will be the bun bun Scorbunny

I hope though...I friggin hope they don't use the same contgrol scheme as Lets go Pikachu/Eevee...I hated those controls..I JUST WANT TO PLAY ON A NORMAL JOYPAD!!!

Also in other news unrelated to Pokemon....YOU JUST GOT CAGED!!!!!!!!!!
18 by GuilTronPrime

Something is going to tell me I'm going to adore Johnny cage in Mortal Kombat 11 XD


Lucas: It got cancelled

Nano: WHAT!!!!!?????

Nano: And restarted by Retro studios

Nano: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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