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Starlight Glimmer fanfic MLPFiM S5 conclusion
STARLIGHT GLIMMER: "You don't know what it's like to lose a friend because of a cutie mark. But once I stop the Rainboom, you will! And when I destroy this scroll, there'll be no way for you to change it!"
TWILIGHT SPARKLE: "Starlight, you're right! I don't know what you went through, but I do know you can't do this! I've seen where this leads and so have you!"
STARLIGHT: "I only saw what you showed me! Who knows what'll really happen?"
TWILIGHT: "What'll really happen? I've seen it a dozen times each time you brought me back to the present! Things never turn out well when you make a big change like this!"
STARLIGHT: "Agh! What's so special about your friends? How can a group of ponies that are so different be so important?"
TWILIGHT "Special? The differences between me and my friends are the very things that make our friendships strong! But it's not just my friendships that are special or important to Equestria, everypony's are! When yours ended, it led us here! But just imagine all t
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Is it an error to say that an example of a noun and not  a verb is an error is it an err, or to say that misplacing a comma and a space and putting it elsewhere is just as much a... mistake... as forgetting to properly ends one sentence and start another by ending one sentence with proper puncuation? and Capitalizing the first wordd  of the next sentence, Among other things, this is good grammar, but so is not starting a sentence with the word "and". And putting quotation marks on words you are merely referencing can help to separate these words from some other err, or people may sometimes error themselves by using "err" as a noun and "error" as a verb.
Sometimes people make the mistake of using "to" in a sentence to describe an action as having some descriptive trait or resulting in some cause-and-effect,  but then don't actually follow up with describing that effect or trait. For example: "To err is human, to forgive, divine" is complete, but "To say that misplacing a
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It's the last day of January!
I've technically kept my goal of reading one book this month. To be fair, it is a Hanazuki: Full of Treasures novella called "A Spark in the Dark" and it is only 153 pages long at 21 lines per page and only took a few hours to read. But I also plan on finishing Gregor the Overlander, but that is a re-read. This year, hopefully in the next few months I want to give the whole Gregor the Overlander series/Underland Chronicles a re-read so I can mention and post about it online more!

Hey! Tomorrow is February, which only has 28 days in it! exactly four seven-day periods in it! That makes it easy for some people to measure goals for themselves!

Also, I've had a new job at Walmart since December as a morning stocker.


Daniel Eric Iverson
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United States
I have no kids. I work at a grocery store.
I have no drug addictions. I don't drink coffee.
My first major serious novel that I have ever read was Louis Sachar's Holes at age 9.

Current Residence: Indianapolis, Indiana


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