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December 13, 2013
SLAVE for Windows Seven by ~GuillenDesign
Featured by fediaFedia
Suggested by charush
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SLAVE for Windows Seven



Slave - Theme for Windows Seven - x86 and x64 - by Guillen Design.

I feel very happy and honored to receive the DD.
This honor and this recognition encourages me to produce even more.
My heartfelt thanks to my friends charush and fediafedia!!!

icons used in the preview is not included.
you find in my gallery.

- Update 2 (2011-07-18) : new background in 'Run Dialog'…

and new 'GroupImage button' in Taskbar…

- Update 1: correction the 'bug'…


-Visual Style
-Slave AvePreview
-Universal Theme Patcher
-Explorer.exe x86(and bmp) and x64
-ExplorerFrame.dll x86(and bmp) and x64
-OobeFldr.dll x86(and bmp) and x64
-Shell32.dll x86(and bmp) and x64

I use… for a small shadow in Taskbar

How to install

1. Install Universal Theme Patcher, make sure that UAC must be turned off
2. Copy and paste content of the folder 'Visual Style > Slave' (*.theme & folder) into C:WindowsResourcesThemes
3. To change the system files: use the program 'Windows Themes Installer' by kishan-bagaria…
4. Restart Windows & then select this theme in Personalize Menu


-ExplorerFrame and Shell32 by Appows2010/Work (mod by me) / Appows2010 by neiio
-Taskbar Drop Shadow by sweatyfish…
-Universal Theme Patcher by Deepxw…
-Text animated in Shellstyle: Tutorial by RajTheeban95
-System Files x64: work by Danilo Oliveira 'dangzster'
-Wallpaper preview : 'G3 and G4' by Alexander GG
-Icons preview: Piccolo and Muro Sccuro, in my gallery…
-Calculator preview: Nero SkinCalc, in my gallery…


This Visual Style has been tested in windows seven 'x86' by me and 'x64' by Danilo Oliveira 'dangzster' and AEVU.
The change of the system files is of the user's whole responsability.

Special thanks for:

Jamie Green 'neiio' and Alexander GG , for the necessary authorizations.
Danilo Oliveira 'dangzster' for System Files x64
AEVU for testing on x64

Alexander GG

Look for the work 'GNOME Shell-SLAVE' by Half-Left…
It's pretty good!
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