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My phoenix!
Done on photoshop only using a mouse.
I m working on it since a looooong time to get all the elements that I would like to ink in my skin.
Indeed it s the drawing of my future tatoo, so thank you to DON'T use it for making tatoo :D
There s many differents insprirations in this concept (japanese, egytian,...) corresponding to ideas or personnal experiences, that s why it s pretty different from the phoenix we used to see.
A few month ago I ve lost the first steps of this drawing but I ve save this one, I ll surely work on a much better version in the next time.
I hope you ll like it!

Thank to you THis artowork is one of the first on the research "phoenix" on Deviantart
That s why I ve decide to do some upgrrades on the original artworks!
I ve improved the posture and add some effects of mouvement and fire.
The background have been also modificated fore more impressive contrast of light.
By now I ve use a little source with a real picture of moon for more realism but I ll do it my self as soon as possible!
These modification have been done with tablet but the phoenix still only done with a mouse :D
Thank you for your contributions!
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So Beautiful!

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This is so cool and wonderful, I wish I could do this kind of beauty.
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Thank you cery much! :D
I ve seen your artworks, you definitly can do it! I barely draw somethng better than you but I spent month to improve it progressively ;)
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Np, and thank you, that's nice of you to say. Honestly I have a long way to travel but I'll keep walking forward.
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this is very cool :) and fiery.
i have a character i made who is half demon, half phoenix. 
guillaume-phoenix's avatar
Thank you! :D
Is it a drawing or just a RP character? I didn t seen it on your deviantart gallery!
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you're welcome :D (Big Grin) 
mostly an rp character as i haven't drawn him up yet. i should, though :)
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Can I use this for a book cover? I'll change it later if you want, I just need something for it now. I'll be sure to credit your DeviantArt account
guillaume-phoenix's avatar
It s possible but I ask a commission for a commercial use.
Let me know more about your project by sending me a message ;) 
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This is awesome!
guillaume-phoenix's avatar
Thank you very much! :D
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Using this as a background on an old Macbook Pro that has had the logic board baked in an oven many times to get it working again. Plan to buy the print when this old bird finally stops powering on.
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Thank you! :D (Big Grin)
I guess I ll really finish it when I ll use it for my tattoo, but much much more realistic. ^^
So by now, this version is pretty done to me. Wink/Razz 
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that's pretty darn good for just a mouse o.o
guillaume-phoenix's avatar
It was a little bit annoying some time :D
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