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From my sketchbook:
This is Yaxcocahmut (Allegedly, the "Principal Bird Deity" of the Ancient Maya), in the CUETZPALIN Mythos a Huehueyolcatl (six distinct, huge, immortal and self-sufficient beings that supposedly derived from chaos, a group of beings which is antagonic to the rule of the nine elemental gods) whose mandragora has been given to Yum Kaax, the Green Aluxob who rediscovered the Jungle of Brihadaranyaka, in Sothis. After reuniting the Green Aluxob and the protectors of their ancestors again, Yaxcocahmut deemed him worthy of his mandragora, and once with it, they both have led an occupation of Metnal, a realm from the civilization of Aztlán, some 24 Centuries before Iesu, alongside some Vovin (dragons), like Vucub-Caquix. They attempted to free both Cipactli and Kukulcan from Huitzopoca, but ultimately failed. Their defeat, however, has inspired the Hero Twins (Hunahpu & Xbalanque) to continue the fight against the war god.
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