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The first version of the WASP armor design, featuring the green palette from the YPSILON armor. For the second palette check this
This is an original character / character design from a story project I've been working for some time. Details from said story follow:

    Since November 2013, the "WASP" is a member of the INSECT SYNDICATE - a semi-official military intelligence, security, surveillance and enforcement agency based in the Republic of Tahuantinsuyu (named after the Inca Empire, it encompasses several South American States) managed by Tahuantinsuyu's council for advanced scientifical, technological, energetic and industrial development (actually, a public facade for the alien, intergalactic Saqraruna Organization, specialized in designing weapons of mass destruction). The Insect Syndicate's members aren't neccessarily Tahuantinsuyuan in origin, but all must reside in Tahuantinsuyu. Their identities are kept hidden even from their fellow members, and they only know each others' codenames (named after insects or other non-insect arthropods), defined by the super-powered suits they wear. The Insect Syndicate operates worldwide in espionage missions which are of great interest to the Saqraruna. Only those who recruited the agents (usually, Saqraruna operatives, most of them are actually androids) know of their secret identities, or at least are supposed to know it. The selection proccess used to recruit each member has still unknown criteria, however some agents argue it has something to do with their genes. Their suits are modified versions of suits previously owned by a defunct private military organization, the AXIS Institute, which masked itself as an international education institute headquartered in Avignon, France. AXIS ran from 2000 up to 2010, and was not only sponsored, but pretty much founded by forces ranging from the Church to ABEL Inc, an american military enterprise, and Ulhaden, a Teutonic military enterprise. These later claim to have developed the "ALPHA-OMEGA" series of armors for the next generation of soldiers since the 20th Century, however the Saqraruna Organization knows best - these armors were owned by those enterprises, and modified by them or tested in some of their subjects, but it's raw materials, "alien tech", blueprints and creations were offered to these industries of feath by another different figure, with remote relations to the Saqraruna which even ABEL's CEO, Joseph Bridges, and Ulhaden's CEO, Jorgen Zimm, didn't know of.

    In other words, ABEL and Ulhaden's first subjects were mere test subjects, AXIS' students were test subjects and mercenaries working for corrupt, authoritarian and mostly nationalist clients and militias, and the Insect Syndicate agents are just mercenaries working for an authoritarian government which protects and alien corporation. But the ambition of this one alien corporation is a quite large one: it's called "The Human Automation". Very few people have even heard of it, and the WASP is one of them. In fact, she has just accepted the suspicious invitation to join, even despite all its' hardships, because she knew the only way to stop Saqraruna is entering it and destroying it from inside. And before you ask for it, the WASP's actual identity is Nina Roux, a woman from Strasbourg, France, who used to be an agent of AXIS since 2009, when she was 17-18 years old. She, who was an orphan (her father abandoned her family and her mother died), was invited by the Institute to join, in a suspicious act, but she accepted, and later learned she was invited because someone found out there's something different about her organism - she has an enhanced regenerative ability, and that matched perfectly the requirements to use one of the institution's super powered suits, the YPSILON. AXIS, though, was full of bureaucracies and she needed a battery of tests to earn it, before she used it on some missions throughout 2009 and 2010, uncovering secrets from AXIS' enemies and allies, eventually leading to the destruction of the very institution. After AXIS' disintegration, Lana Bridges, Agent NI and daughter of ABEL's CEO, has granted to some of her fellow agents the right to use their suits, and Nina was one of them. In the following year, she started to be persecuted by assassins who worked for an organization inside the Catholic Church, headed by AXIS' missing principal, "Ephraim Frére", later revealed to be a vampire priest from Poland, named Sebastian Bartosz, who was an old ally of the next Pope, Leo XIV. Bartosz had a special interest in Nina's blood - he met her father, who was able to transform "into a dragon", and believed "they descended from Jesus Christ". Despite the religious and mystical man was blind to truth, he was one of the few who truly had any connection to Nina's origin (she never heard anything of her father for years, and didn't even know he was able to transform into a non-human animal). Using his resources, Bartosz carried the persecution against Nina to unbearable levels, and she eventually became associated to international anarchist resistance fighters who stood against the increasing power and influence of Leo and nationalist minions - not neccessarily for political views, but for survival. Among her newest allies, one of them was a known figure, the Cuetzpalin Paynalton (from the nahuatl "Fast Lizard"), actually a 16 years old boy able to transform into a super-fast lizardman. Paynalton was considered a demon by AXIS and hunt down even before Nina joined it, before he earned a fame for "one-man-army-terrorism". Paynalton was, however, a freedom fighter and anti-speciesist anarchist, and he didn't judge Nina for her previous allegiances - he just wished she could use her suit's powers for a good cause out of her own will, instead of using it "to wipe those after her". In a moment as difficult as 2011, the rise of Inquisition, however, all form of armed resistance against religion and nationalism was accepted.

    It took sometime for her to finally get rid of Bartosz, in one occasion she even saved William's life, when he was captured near Poland, and on another, she was hunt down by Lana, at the time a CIA agent, but Lana eventually learned of her reasons - and apparently, she had something against Bartosz, too. After Leo XIV was killed (by Akamai, a resistance fighter from Aotearoa), the church faced some hard time paying lots of debts and corrupting power to escape it's fate after trying to destroy the planet, Nina found herself out of trouble, so she started a new life, no more using the Ypsilon suit. That miserable, peaceful social life, however, only lasted for two years or so, and a figure from the past, Marvin Chad, former Agent Alpha (who hasn't appeared since Mission Atlantis, where he was believed to have died), has come to her, reporting she would be invited to join the Insect Syndicate, as well what the Insect Syndicate is. Before she could assume Marvin is one of them, he assured her he isn't, and that he's working alongside Jacob Mills (a scientist present on Mission Atlantis, also believed to have died), who is infiltrated on the Syndicate as the Scorpion. Through Marvin's intel, Nina learned that the Saqraruna Organization (which she was more or less familiarized with, during her latest missions on AXIS) was gathering the Alpha-Omega armors, hunting down it's current owners, or inviting those they deemed useful - what seemed to be her case (because of her natural regenerative abilities?) Without a choice, when a mysterious, "feminine" figure clad in black armor, wearing a mask and tentacles, came to her, she understood it was her time to accept - or die. The answer was clear, and she had to leave a way of life behind to start a new one, having only Jacob and Marvin to trust. Something still bothered her, though: her best friend (and love interest) from the time at AXIS, Anna Whitaker, still owned the Lambda armor. Was she going to be persecuted? Would she be chosen to join, or not? Either scenario was bad enough, but after some time, Nina would find herself closer to the fate of humanity - at the ends of the galaxy - than most people, and had other things to worry about. Also, with the death of Bartosz, years ago, she had no more links to her father - that is, if that really was Bartosz's death.

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The WASP and Nina Roux are inspired on a character I created during childhood (between 2001 and 2007, when I was 6-13 years old), part of stories I used to call BYDURAK. That said, at the time I had (and I still do) influences from a series of comic books, tokusatsu series, sci-fi media in general.
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