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UALN-03 Ququmatz

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This is the last Mech from a series of four which I designed recently. It has some role in a larger story (which I used to call as CUETZPALIN Mythos, originally planned to be released as a graphic novel or comic book, but is still far away from being completed). You can follow this project's progress through my gallery, and see the full, detailed project presentation at Behance

And you can also always follow & support my work =D (Big Grin)
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Some background story and details concerning its role: The UALN-03 (unidade de ataque líder Necoc Yaotl) Q'uq'umatz (named after the k'iché mayan name of the Feathered Serpent, a common entity among diverse mesoamerican peoples) has been originally created from a Haijianese industry, and sold to Kozakura-ikka, an underground Yakuza family based in Kagoshima, Kyushu, and prepared by Haijianese's secret investors, the Yanhou (Fire Lords).

The kozakura-ikka is an ally of the Zaibatsu Gosuto, a criminal syndicate which acts as an underground weapon supplier in Yamato, and that has also served the interests of Sumiyoshi-kai, yet another larger Yakuza family to which the Kozakura has allied in opposition to the ruling Yamabishi (allied to the corrupt Yamato military and the actual owners of the scientifical institute known as J-Lab, a drug developer protected by AXIS professor Yao Wu). In January 2009, He de Zhu, a Yanhou, has led through agreements, armed conflicts and coopting the taking of the kozakura and its allies under his control, paving the way for the Haijianese investment of an energy development project on mount Sakurajima, Kyushu. In doing so, his new management was supported by a kozakura leader, Kosai Takomachi, and a Sumiyoshi conspirer, Mangai Tsuchigumo, who's a head of the "pan-yakuza Zaibatsu gosuto". In the same year, Mangai and Kosai, allied to yet another Yamato conspirer, Hikaru Hayate (an apprentice of a self-proclaimed, unofficial Yanhou) would see it that the Yamabishi hegemony would fall after the assasination of major figures such as the kimicho Tsubasa Shinobu, his bodyguard Oliver Funabashi, his associate Yao Wu and the J-Lab drugdealer Jirou Zu, an associate of the corrupt military of Yamato (headed by the cyborg soldier Toshimichi Kakuei). This would strengthen the sovereignty of He de Zhu and Kozakura-ikka, while lead to an exposed gang war that would result in the reformation of the Zaibatsu Gosuto into the Minato, Tokyo-based Shin Zaibatsu. As a result of this succesful operation (in which Paynal's role was also crucial), the Haijianese industry would reward He de Zhu's security with two mechs, who'd later become UALN-03 Q'uq'umatz & UASN-09 Ikuchi. That wasn't over yet, however, as despite the Haijianese sovereignty was installing at Yamato's underground organized crime and in doing so destabilized the previous hegemony of Yamabishi & its associates (like Wagner Kant, head of INTERPOL up to 2009), Paynal was still aware of the involvement and ambitions of Shin Zaibatsu to cooperate with He de Zhu & the Yanhou's intentions, taking part in the game as a private enterprise of resales and transport (to mask its illicit activities), instead of Paynal's own ambitions to arm up the rebels of Anahuac, America, and destabilize the global networks of politics. What Paynal & Mangai didn't know, however, is that before pledging loyalty to He de Zhu, Kosai was continuing the works started by 70's vigilante Kenshiro Kumo, thought to be dead by execution of a joined task force of Yamabishi gang members and Yamato's military in 1981, but who was actually secretly living as the Apu Mallki (a title given to its cyborg generals) "Ichneumon" in Chinchaysuyu, Tahuantinsuyu. Ichneumon has been spotted since the War of Chichihuacuauhco in latin America on the eighties, which saw the joined armed forces of Tahuantinsuyu and Palarokhiel standing against the ABEL Inc private militia and the Brimghtonian & Argentinian armies, taking advantage of a local conflict which ended up annexing Chichihuacuauhco (north of Chile & Argentina, between previous Inca & Mapuche lands) into Tahuantinsuyu's southern state of Collasuyu (Bolivia). He wasn't associated with Kenshiro the vigilante, however, and was rather seen as a thief of ABEL property (the Beta armor) working for the UTSST (United Topakar Socialist States of Tredius, formally announced as an economical block within the UTSST since the war of Chichihuacuauhco). Actually, since Kenshiro's actions in the seventies, he was approached by SPECTRO, the head of a secret private corporation which sponsors Tahuantinsuyu's ruling committee (the technological development council, to which the Kumunista Punch'aw Kachun, or Communist Party of Tahuantinsuyu answers to since 1970 after the revolution led by Tupaq Amaru III. Its members are hidden from the public, and remain as so even after the restoration of elections in 1979, when Tupaq won his first term, lasting until 2000. After that, Tahuantinsuyu would shift into a mixed, liberalized economy, following reforms which spawned at least since 1991, and the communist party would dispute elections with the PSP a center-left party, besides other smaller center and center-right ones. In April 2009, a coup would place Herrera Humala into power and name the recently returned Tupaq as minister of Hanan Ch'in, creating some worldwide controversies and alarming UN's council). SPECTRO is hidden through diverse aboveground partially State and partially private enterprises acting on UTSST territory (Hanan Ch'in, Cuba, Tahuantinsuyu, Palarokhiel and even Russia) and worldwide (by indirect and underground means and sponsoring of other armed groups & militias, commonly associated with the traffic of slaves and drugs), and Kenshiro's success in stealing the Beta which ABEL was commissioning for Yamato's military caught his interest. Indeed, Kenshiro's actions and deals with Spectro had formed the original Zaibatsu Gosuto, and after avoiding his capture he managed to become a vital member of Tahuantinsuyu's military, leading the Zaibatsu to become a weapon dealing organization instigating conflict between different yakuza families through its trade and masking a de facto unofficial branch of SPECTRO Org. It was passed to different successors, culminating into Kosai, who was assured by Tahuantinsuyu's public relation manager Choque Illa (secretly, the same as a military Inca Cyborg Catequil) that the Haijianese sovereignty over Yamato is interesting to Tahuantinsuyu, as Haijian is a major economical supporter of the UTSST).

Aware he couldn't just let the status quo, in 2010 Paynal has assaulted Kosai & Mangai (who respectively owned, at the time, the Iota and Theta armors) on the Pacific Ocean, raiding an entire load of heavy machinery, military equipment & supplies, and handling it to Anahuac rebels in Mesoamerica and radical left-wing, anarchist, landless workers and autochthonous semi-nomadic indigenous populations in south america. The Iota armor would be part of a series of armors handled between paramilitary anarchists and the UALN-03 Q'uq'umatz would become his own mech, which he'd later use to damage and destroy several prefectures throughout San Brandon and the world, raising concern from INTERPOL & UN. Alongside Q'uq'umatz, other equipment would be seized by efforts of armed paramilitary inhumans (namely, the Cuetzpalin Paynal, Omepaynal, Cuauhtemoc and Montezuma) around 2010.

Originally planning to make the usage of such technology in a collective and horizontal way among the select members of the separatist militia of Banterras (located between Aragonese and Gallian territories), it ended up pretty much like a property of Cuauhtemoc (whose human identity, Iñaki, has been a member of INTERPOL and AXIS, having leaked major classified military info to the rebels throughout his work). As the cooperation of the Cuetzpalin have succesfully deteriorated State institution across the world through the use of paramilitary equipment, personnel & strategy, besides occupations, riots and assaults of State-held management establishments, some of them came to be popularly related as if they were a single group of international paramilitary agents inciting conflict within UN, identified by a name which Paynal described himself - NECOC YAOTL (meaning "enemy of both sides" in nahuatl, an epithet of Mexica/Aztec deity Tezcatlipoca).
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