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Tupaq and Ea

I've produced this illustration through a process of digital editing, shading and painting over a sketch I've drawn in the latest INKtober.
Like most of my works, this one features original characters from my current story project - the tentatively titled IN LAK'ECH Mythos, still on its initial stages of development. I plan to release it as a self-published, independent series of comic books, however because I'm working alone and with limited resources it will take a while. On the meantime, you can read more info on each character and the story through my published works in this account and elsewhere on the net.

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It takes me a lot of time to draw and produce, and I've got a lot of stuff to do besides art on a daily basis,
so just ask me if you'd like to use it elsewhere, and the reasons why, right?)

The guy on the left is TUPAQ AMARU III (named after the eponymous late 16th century Inca ruler, and the later 18th century indigenous leader, who led an uprising against the spanish colonial government in Peru), the human, mortal identity of the first dragon and elemental god of darkness, Tupaq (the name comes from the quechua word for noble. Throughout different cultures and times, Tupaq has been known by several different names, including Mixcoatl, Ἔρεβος (Erebus), Чернобог (Chernobog), Chicopaec, Angra Mainyu, Mahakala, Mahunate Ra'a, Sorath and also Tokoyrikoq the quechua for "he who sees all").

The guy on the right, with a heron on his left arm, is EA, the "Djinn" (a race of astral beings manifested by light, or other beings that are able to convert their material form into this astral/immaterial one via magic) form of Enki the Anunnaki. Loosely inspired on the eponymous Sumerian/Babylonian deity, in the IN LAK'ECH Mythos he's a secret opponent of Tupaq, and the last of the Anunnaki, still alive even centuries after the destruction of his home planet Nibiru. He's also the long time leader of the APKALLU (from the Sumerian "Ferrymen", became a synonym of "Seven Sages"), a council of wise and skilled inhuman scientists originally based in Eridu, Sumer, Mesopotamia, Earth. Regarded as the keepers of knowledge and founders of "civilization", in the centuries following the 19th century b.c, with the foundation of the Akkadian Empire and Sargon's conquest of Mesopotamia, several of its original members broke up, but some remained and followed Enki who in secrecy sought the lost ME - "Gifts of Civilization", relics containing forbidden knowledge gathered by Enki's father, Anu the last Anunnaki king, and Gilgamesh, his associate, a ruler of Uruk, from Sumer, who sought immortality but was eventually killed by an elemental god - the same who identified and accursed the ME. Anu himself was close to the elemental gods, who at the time of his life opposed one of their "brothers", Tupaq the god of darkness. Tupaq is credited with the destruction of Nibiru, however Enki knows through his search for the ME that all other elemental gods were indirectly involved, for they likely feared the Anunnaki were themselves becoming like the elemental gods. Anu had also learned in the latest stages of his life several details about the elemental gods' past identities and roles in shaping the universe, and also that some of them didn't even have a common origin, but were brought together by one in specific to follow his agenda of installing order through an universal singularity controlled by his own, a knowledge that could shake the very organization of the universe and that likely put Anu and his kind in his target. In his latest centuries, disguised as "Ea", a Djinn (through an ability he learned while living in the plan of Ohrmuz, where he met some of his fellow Apkallu), he managed to keep out of the watch by the elementals while he gathered the ME and also the Tablets of Fate created by his missing brother, Enlil, who centuries ago followed a different quest that also brought him to discoveries about the elemental gods. Enki's main goal, followed by those who remained in the secret APKALLU council (some of its previous members left because they knew it was trouble), is to destroy the elemental gods and replace them.

In the time this illustration takes place, set after June 2013, Tupaq has lost the source of his power – his third eye, the Ater Adamantis, that awakened millions of years ago, after he forcefully took off the third eye of Cipactli, a huge crocodile-like beast from the primordial sea and a Quinametzin (from the nahuatl "giants", a race of elder beings that hypothetically derive from Chaos and that preceded the elemental gods) during the conflicts between the elemental gods and the Quinametzin. This "awakening" marks the time when Tupaq reminisce to have the Absolute Darkness as his inner organism, or to share his subconsciousness with the Absolute Darkness. Also known as the Anaghra Lemah, it's a parallel dimension devoid of breathable air, oxydation, gravity, matter and energy. It's immeasurable, yet is increasingly growing within our own universe of matter and energy, through the Dark Energy, the same force responsible for the continuous expansion of the universe. It's also the final destination of those trapped by Black Holes (others more lucky ones may end up somewhere else in another dimension) and sorcerers able to manipulate darkness (several of them became Tupaq's followers for ages). Tupaq is able to watch over his own subconscious, and once there is omniscient. For 3000 years, however, following a 1200 years intergalactic war, Tupaq was trapped by his brothers into such dimension, after leading a campaign that destroyed several planets and solar systems. Inside his own, his material body, the primordial dragon, became useless, and he meditated for years, before some of his last remaining followers and new acolytes managed to free him, in 1317 of the common era, when he incarnated into a dark magician living in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

In order to fulfill his ambitions and restore his power of erstwhile, he took more centuries in an ambitious project which sought to turn earth into a new Topakhon. Topakhon was a planet from the K Pacha Solar System which he and some of his allies have converted into a mobile mass destruction weapon, powered by an isolated and controlled, "domesticated" Black Hole he directly commanded. It created endless energy and also allowed the maintenance of the new planet's artificial atmosphere, hydrosphere and overall geological composition. This instrument of destruction began the series of conflicts known as the Topakhon Wars, and was ruled by him as the head of the ORS OHORELA (from the enochian "legislation of darkness"), a magocratic government divided among four "Topakar Nations", overseen by his apprentices – the Ta'tal, immortal beings who centuries before were tutored by him in four distinct aspects of the dark arts. The ORS OHORELA and Topakhon Mobile were however just the means for his actual goal, the acceleration of the universe's expansion, what would hypothetically break apart all matter and cast the universe into the state of an Absolute Darkness, with only dark energy remaining. According to him, those who were able to convert their consciousness into dark energy would survive, yet as the consciousness of the Absolute Darkness, he'd supposedly have Absolute Power. This dark motivation was negatively understood by some of his brothers as a tyrannical vision and by others as a result of his delusion with the lack of novelty in their creations, after millions of years messing with the sentient beings, their molecular structures, the micro and macro realities, and both the visible and invisible spectrum.

After using resources from earthly allies such as the Yacarcae (a group of dark sorcerers from Tahuantinsuyu, the Inca Empire, who supported him during his lifetime as the Inca ruler Tupaq Inca Yupanqui), the Palarokhian Order (a secret society of magicians with members all across Europe, founded in the 9th Century, that eventually centered around the western russian borders) and unearthly ones – such as the secret intergalactical Saqraruna Organization, Tupaq's plan of fully converting the planet into a new superweapon was getting closer to completion, he just needed some more resources, when he decided it was time for the Saqraruna to move their headquarters to Earth, rather than keep it in the K Pacha solar system. In 1965, Tupaq incarnated as a Peruvian naturalized Chilean Revolutionary Soldier, the self-proclaimed "Tupaq Amaru III", who led organized guerrillas in the struggle against the government of puppet emperor Urcon Verbo, and four years later played a vital role in the Socialist Revolution of Tahuantinsuyu, that besides defending an adapted idea of socialism, also defended an adapted pan-indigenous identity – considering Tahuantinsuyu a greater pre-hispanic nation comprehending Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and part of Brazil. In the outcome of the Revolution, he was succesful in removing Urcon from power and establishing a new capital – the city of Moche, in the region of Chinchaysuyu (Northern Peruvian Coast), a new party system which privileged the "Communist Party of Tahuantinsuyu" and re-structuring the administrative and educational system, restoring the official use of quechua and aymara languages (albeit keeping spanish), an Inca identity and the division of the state into four suyus ("regions"). Tupaq didn't immediatly ascend to power, instead one of his fellow revolutionaries Umaq Granado did it in 1969 as the head of a provisorial government which lasted for ten years, while Tupaq led the revolution and the newly christened Tahuantinsuyuan Army to expand on its northern and southern borders.
    In the next decade, despite the several death threats and ambushes by bounty hunters supported by the CIA, MI-6 and other sectors of the UN, Tupaq resisted and the state of Tahuantinsuyu's legitimacy was supported by the USSR and Cuba, while it annexed cities from Ecuador, Bolivia and Colombia, including major urban centers such as La Paz and Quito, with support of some local militias. During this decade, he also visited central and north america on some occasions, on the first he fought alongside the
ELN and on the later he was regarded by some as "a dangerous criminal", yet he managed to stay in the US for a while, and unknown to most (save some "crazed men", "conspiracy theorists" and "false prophets") he was overseeing the construction of a secret Saqraruna base in Death Valley, Arizona, where his secret associates would finally start the procedures to remove earth's core and replace it with an isolated Black Hole.

In 1979, following the first elections after Granado's Provisorial Government, Tupaq became the President of Tahuantinsuyu and the conflicts continued on its southern borders, as the Mallki (the Cyborg generals of Tahuantinsuyu) led their armies into the territory of the indigenous Mapuche, native to Chile and Argentina. Despite traditional enemies to the Inca in pre-hispanic times, they were also included in the "Tahuantinsuyuan identity" supported by Tupaq and his party's associates, and some of northern Chile's inhabitants actually defended an annexation as a better alternative to the CIA-sponsored brutal dictatorship they were living under, one that defended nationalism, yet benefitted foreigner corporations with its neoliberal policies. The conflicts on the Atacama Desert and nearby towns escalated to an international level when the UK and US military supported the Chilean dictatorship's forces, and the KGB sent some soldiers to back up Tahuantinsuyu's intervention and support for the rebels. This occasion marked the first major test for the super-powered Alpha-Omega series armors produced by the US military engineering enterprise ABEL Inc, and its first units failed to defeat the superior Mallki, as in 1985 the area of Atacama was annexed into Qollasuyu, the southernmost state of Tahuantinsuyu. Tupaq's popularity didn't decrease in the oncoming years, and he kept the national industry growing considerably under his economical standards even after the dissolution of the USSR. His rule was "democratically elected" ("democracy" can mean anything) up to 2000, when he disappeared not long after a visit to a Mexican island. Rumors abound on whether or not the said island, "Bermeja", existed, and whether or not he was killed by some american on the occasion, but no official report has been given. In truth, unknown to most, the island was a source of Teyoliatl – a substance that heals the reptile Cuetzpalin, and cause damage to the Centzonmimixcoa (from the nahuatl "four hundred alike the Cloud Serpent", a.k.a Yana Phuyu – from the quechua "Dark Clouds" and daeva by the persians, a name for a race of shadow entities created from Tupaq in his image and likeness, ancient beings from the Topakhon Wars era that accompanied him most of the time since), and for this reason, in addition to being something bad for Tupaq's own secret plan of replacing the earth's core, he went there with intents of destroying the island – what actually happened, though other elemental gods foresaw his move and trapped him into the Absolute Darkness once again.

  If Tupaq escaped once, he could escape twice. And this happened in March 29th 2009, his mortal body had been caged into a light-free, oxygen-free prison guarded beneath the water management plant El Caracol, in Ecatepec, Mexico City. This place was chosen because it contains the remnants of the ancient Lake Texcoco, which had Teyoliatl on its composition before the poor spanish management of water dried most of it (you see, the Mexica were more technologically advanced and civilized than the spanish. They just did care more for distribution of water and food, including human and dog meat on ritual occasions, than the manufacture of fire weapons, gold and the promotion of illiteracy and an ill monotheism). For this reason, if Tupaq ever went out, he'd face his ultimate end, for his shadows would be corroded by Teyoliatl. But that didn't happen, some of his secret agents carefully removed his prison with their telekinetical power and a merciful enemy gave him and the Centzonmimixcoa another chance to experience a life in freedom. His return was commemorated by some sectors of society, while others feared new conflicts would arise – just recently the power of the Communist Party of Tahuantinsuyu was reduced, and it was still even less than a decade it became the Republic of Tahuantinsuyu rather than a Socialist Republic – but Tupaq cared less for titles, yet his naming as the Prime Minister in April 1st has surely made a difference. In late September 2009, after series of riots and deaths in Tahuantinsuyuan urban centers, he resigned his position, and seemingly, his daughter Kusi Amaru opposed him (alongside her party, which defends a social democracy), and took that position. He couldn't care less, and he went into exile on the Death Valley, where work was carried out rapidly.

    Ironically or not, the same who freed him earlier was one of the few who later stood against him in, on the teleporting city of
Apuqohcan, beneath the Death Valley, in June 2010, a time of greatest need (and absolutely no media footage). The inhuman Cuetzpalin "terrorist" (besides an advocate of non-human animal rights, animal rights and anarchism) Cuetzpalin Paynal, alongside the pro-indigenous autonomy "militant" Cuetzpalin Montezuma and an Inca-era son of Tupaq, Capac Huari, have prevented Tupaq's efforts in the Death Valley by crushing the underground structures set by the Saqraruna, and Tupaq, too, through the usage of the Spear of Time. Tupaq was heavily damaged, but escaped by ejecting himself into outer space, where he remained for the next two years. Aware that his plans at Earth were being constantly prevented, he ordered Spectro, his right hand, to consider their plan B and continue the creation a fully artificial Topakhon Mobile II in the K Pacha System. By this time, the Saqraruna controlled most of K Pacha, and this ambitious project was only possible with their resources – gathered from elsewhere in the galaxy, including Earth, where it kept bases in the Titicaca Lake, on Qollasuyu, underneath the Nazca Lines, in Quntisuyu, and in the Intihuaca, the administrative center of Tahuantinsuyu on Moche, in Chinchasuyu (it used to have a base in "Xibalba", a series of underground and underwater caves extending from the Yucatán Peninsula into the Caribbean Sea, and also beneath the Death Valley, in Arizona. It also co-owns Dantalia, a base underneath a Siberian crater, and a facility in Kaliningrad).

With the new Topakhon Mobile II in hands, the first thing Tupaq ordered his right hand, Spectro, was to destroy his own homeplanet, alongside all of the K Pacha Solar System, as a test of loyalty, and also t make sure they wouldn't repeat mistakes from the past (Tupaq attributes the losses of the previous wars to the betrayal within his ranks. Despite his true goals are unknown even to most of his allies, to know it isn't really the reason why some of them betrayed him in the past). Spectro promptly destroyed most of his own race, he shouldn't care as they were easy to recreate -artificially- and his business was more present in Earth by the time. The Earth, however, was also a target, according to Tupaq.

In June 2013, two anarchistic individuals, a Chthonian Triton and the dragon Charon (who claims to be a 50 centuries old son of Tupaq, older than the Centzonmimixcoa), have foiled several efforts from Tahuantinsuyuan and Saqraruna officials, and also hunt down some Centzonmimixcoa, in an attempt to stop the destruction caused by Topakhon Mobile II, that despite considerably far from Earth (they reached it through a portal in Titicaca), still threatened not only it – but also millions of other sentient beings on other planets, and that was something the Chthonian creature couldn't afford. During their battle against Tupaq, who was caught by surprise in his human form, another group of belligerents took the opportunity to act – the secret APKALLU, led by Ea, who took Tupaq's eye from him and replaced it with a fake Ater Adamantis (composed of a combination of the five hidden elements), forcing Tupaq's consciousness into his human form, while the power and consciousness over the Absolute Darkness, split from Tupaq, was surgically implanted and assimilated into Ea/Enki's own.

The shock of mortality stroke on the dragon-god made human instantly, and facing what could be his death, he left his spire fortress at Apuqohcan, the last of the original Topakar cities, and moved to Earth, where he believed he was safe from the Kurgarra (artificial intelligences created by the Apkallu and used as the personal bodyguards of their own members), just to find that Tahuantinsuyu was facing a political crisis moved by one of his fellow associates and now traitorous opponent, Dr. Howard Fang, who promoted the removal of the council for advanced scientifical, technological and industrial development (basically, the public face of the Saqraruna) from power in Tahuantinsuyu and also its "immediate insertion into a neoliberal economy", something Fang wouldn't defend since he started working in Tahuantinsuyu (under the same structure he now calls for removal), in 2006 (after leaving the private AXIS Institute, that before ceasing to exist, discovered he was actually a traitor, leaking information from some of its missions to Tahuantinsuyuan intelligence). Who's Fang's actual sponsor? Why is he dividing Tahuantinsuyu's fragile political situation, and supporting foreigner corporations? In the center of a civil war and his own life at stake now more than ever, Tupaq is still plagued by the question – how did anyone took off his powers? And in his quest for answers, learning that Topakhon Mobile II still drives towards the Earth, he realizes that whoever did this still uses it for the same reason he does – the destruction of the universe, just this time he won't be the one to possess absolute power after all's reverted into Absolute Darkness. The secret usurper is. But who's Ea? Tupaq may haven't cared for the lives Topakhon cut short, including the Anunnaki, and that may have been his mistake. As Enki's role remains largely unknown, he's a step closer to accomplish his vengeance, and revert all into the Absolute Darkness. We're a minute from midnight.

But some may believe there's still a chance of redemption for Tupaq. As soon as he arrives on earth, in a divided Tauanyinsuyu, some of its populace still see in him a leader he never seemed to realize, and with their help, he may as well find resolve to expose Fang's allegiance and prevent Enki's plan from coming to fruition – in order to do so, however, he needs to destroy that which he spent centuries trying to create – Topakhon Mobile II. And as he hunts down an invisible threat, his brothers won't rest in trying to kill him.
Little do they know they're equally targeted by the APKALLU!

The war between the Elemental Gods and the Seven Sages begins!

How does Tupaq's past fits into Enki's ambitions? How does this hidden opponent has discovered Tupaq's secrets and stolen his powers,
forcing the once immortal dragon-god into his current, old human form?

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