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Result of a fast digital painting process over a sketch
This dragon is TUPAQ the Elemental God of Darkness (or technically, dark energy) and the Primordial Dragon, an OC (original character) and a major antagonist of the IN LAK'ECH Mythos, my personal, extensive and time-consuming story project set to be produced as an independent comic book with my own efforts and resources.

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Tupaq's name comes from the quechua word for "noble", he's named after the 15th Century Inca ruler Tupac Inca Yupanqui, and Tupac Amaru, the later 16th century ruler named after him, who inspired the name of the 18th century indigenous revolutionary leaders Tupac Amaru II in Peru and Tupac Katari in Bolivia, and then communist guerrilla groups in Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela in the 20th Century, not to mention the artistic name of the African-American rapper 2pac.

As an Elemental God, Tupaq's age spans millions of years, but from what can be told about his past, it's known he is the first Vovin (from the enochian dragon) and has engaged in battle against the Quinametzin (from the nahuatl "giants", one of the many names by which the ancient creatures that preceded the order established by the generation of the Elemental Gods are known). His third eye is made out of a hidden element referred to as an Ater Adamantis (Black Diamond), and that gives him power even greater than some of his "brothers". His relation with his "brothers" is mostly troublesome as is the nature of his unstable element - for centuries, he lived in the planet of Topakhon, teaching part of his knowledge on diverse aspects of "magic" (arcane sciences, necromancy, telekinesis, physics, astronomy, hypnosis, illusion, manipulation of the visible and the invisible, gravitational manipulation, creation and use of portals, teleportation, among others) to select individuals, called the Ta'tal (a corrupted version of the aztec nahuatl "Teteoh", meaning Gods or deities, which meaning is rooted on mystical and unexplainable, unknown, occult) some say four, some say eight (if these have been eight, four of them have left Tupaq's path). Needless to say, across centuries some of these individuals have attained immortality and conquered the social organization of their villages, cities, nations, forming a ruthless Magocratic government in the planet of Topakhon: the ORS OHORELA (from the enochian "Order of Shadows"). Resistance was easily destroyed by Tupaq's children, referred to as Yana Phuyu (from the quechua "dark cluds") or as the centzonmimixcoa ("Four Hundred alike Mixcoatl" - Mixcoatl being Cloud Snake, one of Tupaq's proper names, they were also referred to as "Four Hundred Northerners") by the Aztecs and as daeva by the people of Ohrmuz (capital of the Ohrmuzdian Empire, one of the major members of the Frashokeretian Alliance [from the Persian Frashokereti - "to make excellent"] that has opposed the Ors Ohorela during the 1240 years period between 2898b.c and 1658 b.c, known as the Topakhon Wars). During the Topakhon Wars, with aid from the Yakuruna (from the quechua "water people", a race aliens native to the solar system of K Pacha, neighbor to Topakhon) that have ceded to the centzonmimixcoa, the planet of Topakhon has been converted into a mobile massive weapon, fueled by the infinite energy created by the same Black Hole which sustains it and is its weapon. The artificial atmosphere was kept by the same Black Hole, and for 1240 years it has destroyed several planets and stars on its way, including Nibiru, home to the great Anunnaki Civilization, an empire that rivalred that of the Yakuruna and has left several colonies upon its destruction in the 22nd Century b.c (the destruction of the Anunnaki, however, has been mostly a responsibilty of the Frashokeretian gods' ommission, especially Tempo's, as if something planned. The use of the rivalry between the Anunnaki & the Yakuruna and their coopting by a radicalized opposition between the ORS OHORELA forces and those of the Frashokeretian Alliance has been interpreted by the diverse background Apkallu council of sages from Eridu, an Anunnaki colony, as a plan to further develop the expansion of the Ohrmuzdian and Chronpuchian Empires at the cost of the Yakuruna and Anunnaki's dissolvement after the war). Among the Yakuruna who supported the genocidal initiative by the ORS OHORELA there were Kometa, Ta'tal of Xibahpukon (one of the four nations of Topakhon) and Spectro, the Elder (not the same as Spectro, the younger, born in the 13th Century a.c, head of the SPECTRO Organization), who earned power and knowledge from Onyx, the ancestral Yakuruna tyrant, once blessed by some of the elemental gods with powers of their own, who lost them sometime forgotten by history. Another feature of this long time of war has been the Yana Phuyu themselves, more powerful than even the Vovin, they were immaterial living forms that materialized at will (through the substance called as Duskoplasm) and could take over the shadows of other objects or creatures, not to mension their psychic and telepathic powers, able to destroy entire armies of the most well trained elite Cuetzpalin Cuachic warriors. Their origin, however, precedes the conversion of Topakhon into a mobile weapon by at least a hundred years, and has happened somewhere between the realm of Helladeas and another dimension.

Needless to say, the war has ended with the destruction of Topakhon, the imprisonment of Tupaq, the Yana Phuyu and several of his followers into the dimension of Absolute Darkness (Anaghra Lemah), where he would remain for exact 3000 years. With time, the remnants of the Frashokeretian Alliance, fragmented after the war, and cast into more ages of disputes, systematic slavery and centralization of power, have forgotten the very existence of the conflict, while the small remnants of the ORS OHORELA have led in their own way the reconstruction of their project, by infiltrating among other extant social organizations (like the Moche Civilization, contacted by Ai Apaec in the northern Peruvian Coast), and in K Pacha there were still Yakuruna who had Topakar inspiration, not to mention that a centzonmimixcoa, Jahi, was herself free among the world of the living. In the 9th Century, Jahi has contacted a forming group of magicians based around Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia and Northern Africa, thus was born the first generation of the Palarokhian Council (named after one of the original nations of Topakhon), that in the year of 1342 would finally release Tupaq and the remaining Yana Phuyu back into the world of matter and energy (starting with the foundation of the Palarokhian Empire under Tupaq's human form, "Umbra"). From then, Tupaq would work alongside figures such as Tupaq Chasqui (his messenger) and Spectro, the younger, to rebuild Topakhon Mobile. It took several years to complete, however: after his human form was stranded and killed in the forest of Iriy, he moved to the American Continent, where he became Tupaq Inca Yupanki, the ruler of Tahuantinsuyu, and has greatly expanded it, by raising dragons (Amaru, a.k.a Vovin) and acquiring colonies, by fighting the Mexica, and after a 12 years war (between 1481 and 1493) was finally killed, poisoned by his sister and main wife, Mama Ocllo, though unforgivable history would attribute this to another of his wives, Chuqui Oclllo, mother to his "favorite son", Capac Huari, exiled from the kingdom as it was passed down to his brother, Tito Husi Huallpa, later Huayna Capac. Tupaq's magocratic principles could easily translate as the meritocratic application over the survival of the most skilled, or rather the one with most affinity to the magical arts. That said, this is why he preferred Capac Huari over Tito Husi Hualpa, his true inheritance wasn't royal blood, but magic power, and in that the heir of his simpler concubine Chuqui has been more effective than that of his main heir and sister Mama Ocllo. Capac Huari has been left preserved in an island of the Pacific by the Chasqui, who would later persecute the last remnants of the reptilian Cuetzpalin race following the fall of Cuzco, capital of the old Tahuantinsuyu. Across the world, the followers of Tupaq would retreat to the shadows underground and gather several resources, from the labor of slaves, dragons and demons, to technology brought by SPECTRO, as Tupaq's power grew in the planet of Tredius to the point he could no longer hide. In 1969, manifesting in the body of a revolutionary leader, "Tupaq Amaru III", Tupaq has led a succesful revolution which took down the Peruvian Empire under Uku Verbo, replacing it with a so-called Socialist Republic that expanded to a territory similar to that of the original Tahuantinsuyu, conquering territory from Ecuador and Bolivia (renaming it to Collasuyu, it's original Pre-columbian Inca name). From that point onward, the State of Tahuantinsuyu has survived military initiatives by UN rivals (such as the US) and joined forces with other socialist forces under the semi-official UTSST, which included the White Russia, infested by the latest generations of the medieval Palarokhian Council, creating Tupaq's brand new mark of disciples, the Saqraruna, a secret force mostly composed by White Russia's KGB and Tahuantinsuyu's Mallki Cyborg forces (Mallki from the aymara Condor, used to refer to royal Inca mummies and indigenous aymara authorities). The UTSST, which formation was mostly supported by the intergalactic and secret SPECTRO Organization became the aboveground face of Tupaq's main source of Darr hidden element, much needed in the construction of Topakhon Mobile II that had started in the 20th Century, on the K Pacha Solar System.

But the main medium between K Pacha and the planet of Tredius, Tupaq's current residence, was the vanishing city of Apuqohcan (one of the four original Topakar nations, the only that survived the destruction of Topakhon in 1658 b.c), able to travel through the shadows to different points of the galaxy according to Tupaq's will, it wasn't only home to one of the ancient Topakar (from an ancient language, before it meant "a follower of Tupaq" or "native to Topakhon", it meant someone with the skill to perform the four aspects of magic taught by Tupaq to the Ta'tal) peoples, but a fortified city marked by its spires and neo-gothic architecture, where the magicians especialized in illusion lived. After identifying a valuable source of Darr beneath the Death Valley Desert in Arizona, much needed to haste the development of Topakhon Mobile II, Tupaq has led a secret campaign to acquire such territory, which he did, seeing it that Apuqohcan was brought to the underground of the Death Valley, but in the year 2000, he has been ambushed and captured by other elemental gods during the destruction of the island of Bermeja, near Mexico, where a campaign of secret agents working for INTERPOL, the Jötunn Scientific Organization and the elemental gods, has met Tupaq's militia. Following their apparent victory, the elemental gods had Molokh, god of metal and frequent enemy of Tupaq, establishing the creation of an unified front against demons, the AXIS, headed by other international authorities, official and semi-official, that shared some of their goals - such as the Human Automation Project, a time-consuming process of installing a centralized global civilization with infallible military intelligence. Tupaq, however, would survive once again - his faithful Saqraruna would gather information about the current location of his human body, through the labor of slavers and demons, including Morax, a minotaur who works as a slave supplier to the Jötunn, and Jacques Fernier, descendant from medieval Palarokhian mages who is another client to Morax, and through him would leak information about the Jötunn that took part in the Millennium and Red Island operations. In March 2009, Tupaq would be finally freed, and publicly claim news about his death were too exaggerated, as his political return to Tahuantinsuyu's chief of state would put the entire world into a state of fear.  But it wouldn't "start a new war", as war never actually came to a close in this realm. Instead, Tupaq would focus on the management of Apuqohcan and continuous extraction of Darr from the Death Valley, that would make that desert land (originally inhabited by the Zuni and Hopi indigenous nations, left by US authorities in a hard position to face bounty hunters and traditional enemies) "have the privilege of being the first part of Tredius to be sucked by a Black Hole after Topakhon Mobile II was finished. More gratifying than that, Tupaq knew the Zunis have been lately guardians of an artifact much sought after by the Saqraruna - the legendary Spear of Time, the same that Popocatepetl has used to destabilize Topakhon Mobile I in 1658 b.c. The Spear of Time was developed in Nahui-Atl, in the same island as Atlantis, and its development was so important for that ancient war that part of the island was sacrificed by the Aztec Gods to protect it from the Centzonmimixcoa. After the war, it remained in the hands of the Aztec troops, when it finally fell to the hands of the Xiuhcoatl Empire, and later to the Rebel leader Xbalanque, who handed it over, alongside the Mandragora of Yum Kaax, to the ancestors of the K'iché Mayan from nowadays Guatemala. Since the war between Inca and Mexica started, in 1481, to secure the spear, its owners moved north, to the legendary city of Cibola, and later it ended up with the Zunis. In 2009, they handled it over to a Cuetzpalin claiming to be the prophesized Montezuma (who according to legend would free the land from the foreigner spanish/american government). But he wasn't Montezuma (who named after the Mexica ruler Moctezuma Xocoyotzin, still lived, as a symbiotic Tonalcoatl, in the body of young Brazilian student William Mattoni, the human boy behind the lizard speedster and terrorist/vigilante/antihero Cuetzpalin Paynal), he was an Algonquian/Canadian man named Powhatan, who symbiotically lived with the Tonalcoatl Macoel, a Mexican Cuetzpalin who has exiled himself from the Mexican civilization after the war against the southerners, forming a family among the Taino from the Caribbean Sea, and who after the spanish invasion has become the liberator of Cuetzpalin slaves, having helped figures such as Cuauhtemoc during the early years of the encomiendas, while also helping the ancestors of the Yaminawa to survive the offensive by Tupaq Chasqui and the Palarokhians. After that, Macoel followed far north, where he has helped the Hopi to resist colonization, before losing his body and becoming a Tonalcoatl in Algonquian territory, where years later, Powhatan would find him and become a Cuetzpalin.

As a war-torn world watched a deliberately false conflict, that still made several real victims for the sake of profit and status, Tupaq's concerns lied on potencializing the destruction he already could cause naturally, and one of his brothers, "Baal" Ohrmuz, the narcissistic God of Light and Electrical Energy, feared this could threaten all the "riches" the other elemental gods came to accomplish, failing to see like his brother Hydros the God of Water that Tupaq could be better fought against directly, and not jailed. But for the Cuetzpalin Paynal, there's no such thing as more or less casualties, as a consequentialist compromised with the individuality of sentient animals, between lesser evil or greater evil the reptile vigilante chose not to choose at all, and instead fight his own way, what would unavoidably put him at odds with the international slaver market and also Huitzilopochtli, the God of Wind (or as he like to claim, of "War", or "Life & Death") whom he was supposed to represent according to prophecy. In a world where nothing is black and white, Tupaq is the darkest it can get, for he uses all his wits and smarts for his own gain, which ultimately leads to the conclusion that there'll only be proper individuality and freedom when all matter and energy are destroyed. Ironically or not, in his late years he's been claimed as one of the most popular political leaders.

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