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Yet another digital painting from an elemental god, this time TEMPO the god of Space, Vacuum, gravity and Dark Matter, and perhaps the most powerful, secret and main antagonist of all the CUETZPALIN Mythos.

He's the one who originally gathered the Elemental Gods (Baal, Huo, Moloch, Huitzopoca, Lapolakh, Ymir, Hydros, even Tupaq) to fight against the Huehueyolcatl - primeval self-sustainable beasts which have been reputed as the creators of life itself. One such example is Cipactli. After their persecution and defeat orchestrated by Tempo, he changed most of the space, gravity and atmosphere settings from the planets across the galaxy, in the proccess conditioning the mortals to a miserable state, though still lending some powers to some of them (the Chronpuchian aristocracy from old times, which was granted knowledge on how to master the Serapel hidden element to travel across space. In another occasion, he gave immortality to Ziusudra, the survivor of Eden's flood. On the other hand, he curses those who somehow get in the ways of his plans, such as Gilgamesh and Anu) as his chosen ones/representatives, and also setting, on the way, a reality of predestination to most, studying the way which the universe operates -and mastering it. An immortal servant of his with unparallel participation on his plans is the ancient Chronpuchian Toth.

Tempo has also been responsible for the development of the ancient Topakhon Wars, a series of battles between empires and civilizations members to the Frashokeretian Alliance against the ORS OHORELA, led by Tupaq (originally known as Tokoyrikoq), the spirit of Darkness and Primordial Vovin (dragon) who used to be one of their own. Tempo also plans to become the lord of time and fate.
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