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Meet the Team AG and its spirit guardians - this is a redesign of original characters/OCs which I and fellow deviant :icontyphonian-apkallu: created around 2004, when we were around 10 years old. This is part of the BYDURAK Series (stories and characters I created between 2003-2007, and that I've bee recreating recently). Inspired on several elements of manga, anime, comics, tokusatsu and comics.

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Now, a little description of each member and spirit (from left to right):
  • "Plasmaex" (a.k.a "Plasmie") and her spirit the "Alien Queen" - Plasmaex is a cyborg designed as a lethal bounty hunter and weapon of destruction by the ancient worldwide military technology enterprise, the SPECTRO Org (SPECTRO, the founder of the homonymous organization, is her lead designer and therefore could be seen as her father, even though such family relations doesn't exist in Hawlien society). Besides missions of assassination which she performed in the future (she's been created in the dystopian 21XX), her most important mission has been stealing the spear of time which used to belong to the organizer of the spirit fight tournament and the guardian of time, the Crossbill (who's both Spectro's master and rival), also a mission which ultimately led her to meet the "Ann" of her dimension, a cyborg created by the so-called Juventists to ensure peace. Eventually, Ann, who was supposed to be an enemy, earned her allegiance, and together they travelled to present (through the spear of time) where they hoped to bring the present Ann to the Spirit Fight and make her win to grant a future of peace and harmony, opposed to the reality which her own father, alongside others, have created in 21XX. But Plasmaex's intentions are still unknown, and Ann's father distrusts her as a creation of Spectro. Her guardian spirit is the Alien Queen (inspired on a xenomorph), befitting of her role as the conqueror of a thousand worlds. She's lovely towards both future and present Anns, but is sometimes senseless and abusive because of her lack of experience among human society (that when she doesn't try to use it as an excuse).
  • Ann G. Waters (the team's leader, a popular girl) and her spirit, "Venus" - Anna Good Waters is a popular girl and a successful teenage singer who's grown somewhat arrogant because of her success, and who has been a long time best friend with her fellow teammate Nina, besides a rival to 3X3M's member Aplô. Daughter to a wealthy businessman (who's also a shaman competing in the Spirit Fight Tournament), she used to own an island and act as its "masked super-heroine" (or rather an enforcer?) known as AG Shell. She's somewhat linked to a warrior of the future, also called Ann G. Waters (possibly her own, in a possible dystopian future) who's met Plasmaex, and who's been originally designed by Ann's father. The reveal of this "Ann from the future", Plasmaex and their mission to save the world, by convincing Ann (from the present) to fight and win the Spirit Fight Tournament has raised several questions to Ann herself, even about her father who she used to admire as a child, but now doesn't very much, as she's found in hard times (despite her success as a musician and actress, she's living in a superficial life, with delusions, trying some drugs and questioning the value of her past dreams). Her spirit is Venus, the goddess of love from Juventist belief (inspired on the Greco-Roman deity).
  • Nina and her spirit, "Cidkák" - Nina is Ann's best friend since they were young and secretly harbors a romantic feeling towards her. She's a prodigious girl and called the best student from their previous school, and a promising one in their current one, sponsored by the Bykear automobile enterprise. She's a guitar player, despite not a member of her best friend's band, and is a rival to 3X3M's member Byduchi for a while (mostly inspired by a competition based on good grades - both of them score well on tests, however Nina has always been an exemplary girl while Byduchi, aloongside his fellows, has been unruly and even detested by some teachers). Nina has also fought alongside Ann in the AG Island as the "secret super heroine" (or rather a masked enforcer?) AG Wasp. Because of Ann's current state, however Nina feels somewhat ignored by her friend, and struggles to regain her care. Her spirit, Cidkák, is a sky god and the head of the Kakist pantheon, and is known as the cloud driver.
Together, these three teenagers seek to fight in the Spirit Fight Tournament organized by the guardian of time, the Crossbill (whose spear of time has been stolen by Plasmaex, as a trick Spectro used to reduce Crossbill's power and make possible an overthrow), and win to prevent the catastrophic victory of enemies such as the No Faia Spirit (who seeks, through his shaman, to reunite with his separated fractions, Lapôlô X and another young man called Hao Zen, previously "Lapôlô") and the elemental spirit of darkness, Mochica, whose shaman, Topa Yupanqui, reigns with iron fist over an expansive and bloodthirsty civilization. They also seek to defeat their rival team, the 3X3M, that despite also claims to fight for a world of harmony, is framed by Ann's father as agents of destruction, and because its members have been school rivals of two AG girls, that's the way they see it.
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