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Team 3X3M

Meet the Team "3X3M" and its spirit guardians - this is a redesign of original characters/OCs which I and fellow deviant :icontyphonian-apkallu: created around 2004, when we were around 10 years old. This is part of the BYDURAK Series (stories and characters I created between 2003-2007, and that I've bee recreating recently). Inspired on several elements of manga, anime, comics, tokusatsu and comics.

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Now, a little description of each member and spirit (from left to right):
  • Byduchi (w/ green blouse - "Green X") and his spirit "Warp" - Byduchi is a young man from the island of Byxmal who's found ruins supposedly inhabited by his ancestors, the "cebolitic" people. In search for artefacts of power -the cebolas- he's earned enmity from agents of an ancient worldwide military technology enterprise, the SPECTRO Org, but also powers which let him transform into a "Bydurak", a fast reptilian humanoid like the ancient cebolitic guardians of old. Alongside that, he's learned shamanic abilities and communes with the spirit, Warp. Warp is a "Mutroid" (a biomechanical lifeform from a distant planet) who inhabited the space, and used to keep the last line of defense of earth from invaders such as the Hawliens (like SPECTRO, the founder of the homonymous organization).

  • Lapôlô X (w/ black blouse - "Black X") and his spirit, the "Moloch No Faia" - a division of the previous elemental spirit of fire and chaos, the "No Faia Spirit". It's his fate to return to the other three fractions of the No Faia Spirit, however he's developed his own personality, opposing to the life of destruction and search for absolute power which his previous self used to have. Initially a potential enemy, has created a friendship with Byduchi and Aplô.

  • Aplô (w/ blue blouse - "Blue X") and his spirit, "Aplôrak" - Aplô is a young man who's discovered the civilization of Atlantis (inhabited by the Tintenoic & Criticazoik peoples) and the dracmas of power. His guardian spirit is Aplôrak, a 4000 years old atlantean warrior who opposed the power of the No Faia Spirit in the past. Aplô is also linked to a future warrior, Apôlôrak X, possibly himself in a dystopian future which together they seek to prevent, where the threat of No Faia reigns.

Together, these three teenagers seek to fight in the Spirit Fight Tournament organized by the guardian of time, the Crossbill, and win to prevent the catastrophic victory of enemies such as the No Faia Spirit (who seeks, through his shaman, to reunite with his separated fractions, Lapôlô X and another young man called Hao Zen, previously "Lapôlô") and the elemental spirit of darkness, Mochica, whose shaman, Topa Yupanqui, reigns with iron fist over an expansive and bloodthirsty civilization. Byduchi and Aplô are best friends since childhood and study in a college sponsored by the Bykear automobile enterprise alongside many other competitors, including their long-time rivals known as the AG.

The character Byduchi is the archetype for nowadays' IN LAK'ECH/CUETZPALIN Mythos' Protagonist, William "Wilhelm" Mattoni.
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