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Two of these are contemporary / redesigned versions loosely based on characters from a story I've created (but never published) in 2004. Arguably influenced by some games, pop culture, anime (especially shonen), sci-fi, fantasy stuff you might recall simply by their designs (which I tried to preserve, in some cases); the third is Rise Kujikawa (a.k.a Risette), from ATLUS' Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 franchise. I decided to include her in this story just because I fet like
I'm not going to publish or profit from it anyway so consider it a fan-art, a narrative appropriation, or whatever
. They're part of a larger story, in which a tournament of "techno-shamans" (or simply people who can summon the aid of not so human entities from other dimensions) was being held, in Tokyo, in the year of 2004, and gathered several people from different worlds, times and dimensions. This tournament had teams composed by three people fighting against other teams: this, the "Team Let's Rock" was one of such teams.

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    This story is related to the Spirit Fight Tournament, an old story which I briefly gave new life back in 2015 through two illustrations, featuring "Team AG" and "Team 3X3M". This Spirit Fight Tournament here is still related to that one, albeit in a reset dimension. If you want more details, you'll find out why and how after reading these people's profiles next (from left to right):

  • Aurelia was a social sciences' teacher in the Bykear Institute, in the Town of Ashville, California (the place where most of the story's teenager crew comes from, before the spirit fight took place). But that was before the universe was reset by an evil force. Even before that, Aurelia was a woman with mysterious origins, whose goals ranged from paying her bills, fighting capitalism, the bourgeoisie, starting a Revolution based on anarcho-communist principles (defended during the Spanish Revolution), and having fun in the process. That of course would be enough to put her at odds with the corrupt and fraudulent principal, who's running for mayor, yet that's how crime and law work in Ashville, and pretty much elsewhere on the big picture. Eventually, Aurelia left the life of a revolutionary teacher to pursue the career of a guerrilla warrior, even though she ended up more like a bounty hunter. Those ways of living proportionated for her meeting several young minds hell bent on leaving a mark in the world - either good or bad sense - including one of her messed up students, the young and "extremely talented" (but, according to some critics, "just a brat") Ann G. Waters, who despite raised in high society, faced some major problems most kids didn't know of. Aurelia became protective of Ann, who in exchange of Aurelia's protection also learned a lot from her. Aurelia tries to leave a positive mark in Ann's formation, making her more critical of the world's situation, instead of becoming a replaceable, shallow icon which her producers want to turn her into, but that often makes Ann feel like she's being considered childish, while Ann tries to look more mature - Aurelia knows, though, that Ann miserably fails because she care more for the looks than for the actions. And anyway, "kids like her don't need to hurry about being adults", because "that only make them more childish".  Still, there's much more to Aurelia's relation to Ann and her own past than meets the eye, as the story progresses it's revealed that she came from another dimension, which some cyborg from a dystopian future called the dreamworld, a future where the Human Automation didn't happen, pretty much the electric dreams of the cyborg in question. She was materialized, in part, by this cyborg's memories of someone else whom he knew as a kid - and paradoxically, this cyborg is the dystopian future-self of one of Aurelia's students. The person whom he thought when he dreamed of Aurelia, too, is one of Aurelia's students: It's Nina, Ann's long-time best friend. But how do dreams materialize? An ancient and twisted time-travelling, super-intelligent and manipulative Neanderthal who has been pulling the strings for a group of selected super-humans (several of them, if not all, studying in Bykear by 2004) has made a deal with the school's principal (who's also related to demons), and left deep within the school's depths a device that can act like a portal to other dimensions, like Makai (the "Demon World") and also the dreams of others. With such device, the principal intended to harvest the dreams of the students and grow in power. The plan was foiled, and the future version of a student involved on the machine's destruction took the chance to summon "the girl of his dreams". It's worth to mention that this future version of the student knows the student, and together they try to prevent the dark future from happening - even if that eliminates the said cyborg from existence. After that was revealed, Aurelia's first reaction could be feel like she's just someone's shadow, or cognitive (someone else's impression of someone), but instead, she came to the conclusion that we all are what we made of us, and she's just as real as anyone else. As for her fantasy-esque battle outfit, she or her dimension may have a somewhat extravagant taste. Her guardian spirit is Arachne, the girl whom goddess Athena was jealous of, because she made better clothes than Athena did (afterall, who would want to dress something with Zeus on it? Why does Athena has to be such a childish "daddy's gurl", who have no humility?).

  • Ann G. Waters is the team's leader, like stated before, she is a troublesome girl who from an early age became a pop star, singer, musician and actress. She likes to feel wanted, to look mature, and be taken as an adult than what she is - a brat. She's very wealthy, and comes from a somewhat wealthy background. She thinks she knows her father, who has lately become the chief of the Police Department of Ashville, but who's in fact a private detective, scientist, businessman, time/dimension traveller (a.k.a "arch dreamer"), sorcerer, and one who has made a deal with the ancient spirit of chaos. Eventually, a part of her father's background will be revealed, and she realizes there's much she doesn't know. The most shocking revelation, perhaps, was that her father has been working for some time in the development of "her future self", a 22 years old looking cyborg Ann who is destined to become the Empress of the Future, and rule with an iron fist over a dystopian (which her father insists in seeing as an utopian) future. This future Ann is as graceful as she is senseless towards sentient life, perhaps she's just better than her faithful companion and dearest vizier, an android girl named Plasmaex, who has also grown obssessed with Ann's present-self. These robot girls from the future have tried to join Ann in the spirit fight before the tournament took place, but they keep bothering her, so she set out to call her own team - thus was born "Let's Rock". Ann was the best friend of Nina Roux, leader of the "Team AAF", but time and different lifestyles has split them a little more than Nina would like. Ann's popularity has also created enemies and stalkers of her in the Bykear Institute, some who also participate in the Spirit Fight. In the previous universe, which got re-set, Ann was the leader of the "Team AG" in the previous Spirit Fight Tournament. She lost her memories from those events, though - and despite her friend Nina did, too, she discovered that the evil android who was part of their team didn't. Apparently, while Ann just try to have fun in life and "make life worth", she has indirectly caused severe damage to countless beings, and powerful people obssessed by her or motivated by her end up causing interdimensional destruction that also affects her own life. Indeed, the spirit of chaos tries to convince her father, Archibald, that he is responsible for all of this, but he's more optimistic about his "golden creation" (not Ann's present, but rather her future). Ann has realized she didn't mean as much as she felt like for her family, and that even some of her friends have second intentions, so she sought to gain independence, and that's what this team is about. Ann's spirit guardian is Eudora, a Hyade nymph with power over sea, clouds and lightning. Ann has electris powers derived from her.

  • Rise Kujikawa right from Persona 4, she met Ann while touring on Ashville, and became a great friend of her. She has also darker connections to some citizens of Ashville, including Ann's classmate Mangai, who's secretly a vigilante called Ogumo ("Giant Spider"). Rise is clueless about most things, and her wealthy, rotten lifestyle makes her socially decadent, albeit still an icon of capitalism, childhood, perversion, innocence and many more hidden things. Used to metropolitan Tokyo, Rise is Ann and Aurelia's guide in the city, her upbeat personality also matches Ann's, and that can only mean trouble. Ann and Rise's friendship has been the subject of jealousy to other people who used to know Ann, and because of their proximity, as well what they insinuate during live shows, she's received death threats,
    and has also been killed, cloned and resurrected a couple of times
    . Her guardian spirit is Kanzeon.

Together, these cheery girls desire to conquer the tournament of spirits and earn ultimate power, to shape reality according to their ideals.
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