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These are contemporary / redesigned versions loosely based on characters from a story I've created (but never published) in 2004. Arguably influenced by some games, anime (especially shonen), sci-fi stuff you might recall simply by their designs (which I tried to preserve, in some cases); they're part of a larger story, in which a tournament of "techno-shamans" (or simply people who can summon the aid of not so human entities from other dimensions) was being held, in Tokyo, in the year of 2004, and gathered several people from different worlds, times and dimensions. This tournament had teams composed by three people fighting against other teams: this, the "HG Team" was one of such teams.

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    This story is related to the Spirit Fight Tournament, an old story which I briefly gave new life back in 2015 through two illustrations, featuring "Team AG" and "Team 3X3M". This Spirit Fight Tournament here is still related to that one, albeit in a reset dimension. If you want more details, you'll find out why and how after reading these girls' profiles next (from left to right):

  • Meg (possibly from "Megan", or if not, from an unspeakable hellish name) is a succubus, as well the nurse in the infirmary of the Bykear Institute, promoted as a highly technological educational center, but pretty much just a school with it's own corrupt principal (running for town's mayor) in the town of Ashville (a fictional town, in this story located in California). How did she apply for this job? Let's say the school's principal, when he was in high school, was not only a prodigious demon summoner, but became a "demon emperor" himself. His plans costed some lives of some people, but he made it to adulthood legally and fiscally unscathed. The same can't be said about his soul, morale and self-esteem, though. Anyway, Meg is a free spirited, sometimes non-sense demoness learning on how the surface's society works, and she became introduced to her teammates by chance. She enjoys punishing and abusing people, but also has a more caring side. Her guardian spirit is the ancient demoness Lilith, who inspired some extra-biblical accounts. It was Meg who named the team as "HG". Don't ask what it stands for.

  • Ann (a.k.a "Shell") is a cyborg from the future, where she rules over the ancient egypt-stylized metropolis of No Faiase, and from where she calls herself the Goddess-Empress of the Future. She's not the only person from this time continuity to pay a visit to 2004's Spirit Fight Tournament, where too much is at stake, but is arguably one of the most powerful. This beautiful tyrant claim to defend justice and peace, however her ideals aren't really in touch with the reality of misery most people find themselves in. The organic parts of her body, and according to her, her consciousness and soul, are that of a 22-23 years old Ann G. Waters (that's 14 in 2004), a famous yet controversial pop-rock singer from Ashville that also studies in Bykear, and not by coincidence, also fights in the Spirit Fight Tournament (on another team). The 14 years old, "original" Ann is dismayed to see her possible future, and tries to escape from this fate which the 23 years old cyborg sees as a glorious one. Ann is a proud woman, sometimes even arrogant and cruel, however she tends to hide it beneath a confident and righteous persona. Her guardian spirits are the goddess Athena and the Queen Cleopatra (depicted in this illustration). Ann is the leader of the team

  • Plasmaex (a.k.a "Plasmie") is Ann's "dearest vizier" in the future metropolis of No Faiase, where she acts as a counselor to Ann. She carries the legendary Spear of Time, stolen from the multidimensional entity known as Crossbill, the host of the Spirit Fight Tournament across time and space. That alone should make her unable to participate, however, Crossbill's been corrupted lately, and no one seems to care. Plasmaex has a dark past, she is an interdimensional, alien/synthetic A.I. designed by the deadly SPECTRO, mastermind of the Saqraruna ("evil people" in the quechua language) Organization, especialized in the development of mass destruction resources, and focused on the destruction of life. She's participated in numerous missions of assassination, infiltration, murder, espionage, and eventually faced, but was ultimately defeated by Ann in the future. That's when she had a change of heart, and cold, heartless Plasmaex fell in love with her new mistress. Or so she plays like, and it's been paying off. Earning Ann's trust, and in several occasions even opposing her creator's plans (SPECTRO isn't like a father to her, she's never had a proper family relation, however she carried out some missions he sent her into, and in doing so opposed both Ann and her creator, the multi-dimensional scientist, traveller and private detective - also the Ashville PD captain - Archibald Graham. After she turned to Ann's side, she eventually helped Archibald, but Archibald still didn't trust her, because she's been created by the dirty SPECTRO), Plasmaex became Ann's right hand. Her use of the Spear of Time has also made it easier for her to achieve some of her goals, in some occasions resetting time, erasing the past, creating new dimensions, pretty much messing up the timeline. She also harbors a sick interest on Ann's past self, what put her at odds with Ann's long-time best friend Nina (who was also part of her team, alongside the present Ann, in the past Spirit Fight Tournament). That continuity, however, has been erased, and replaced by a new one. What happens, though, is that Nina knows of Plasmaex's evil schemes, and so does the present Ann, what leaves this tricky android to have only her own teammates as allies. It's not a big deal, though, Plasmaex is extremely smart, her only problems are with social relations, and her abusive, non-sense persona. Her guardian spirit is the Alien Queen, who's revealed to have been a mutated clone of someone somewhat close to her, and the first specimen of a species destined to destroy mankind (Plasmaex tries to hide it from Ann, but while her mistress wants to create an empire and rule with an iron fist and inequality, Plasmaex desires the complete annihilation of humankind). Plasmaex is loosely related to Pacasna from my current story, "IXIPTLA" ("impersonator" in nahuatl)

Together, these troublesome, deadly girls seek to conquer the tournament of spirits and earn ultimate power, to shape reality according to their ideals.
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