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A drawing from several months ago, on a spare paper left from my latest '14 sketchbook. Finished it during some boring classes.
This is Spectro, an Acient Hawlien veteran from the Topakhon Wars-Era ORS OHORELA, a century-lasting force led by Tupaq, the Primordial Vovin, that has conquered many planets across the galaxy and destroyed many more. He's one of the main antagonists from the CUETZPALIN Mythos.

Spectro has survived the complete destruction of Topakhon, some 1658 years before the Common Era, and unlike his former master, wasn't trapped inside the dimension of Absolute Darkness, instead, he has been one of the last peoples of Topakhon to roam freely, or not too freely, at least, throughout the universe of matter and energy. Without his former master, he came to search for what made him so powerful, and sought to become his own master soon enough, though not retiring from the responsibility left over him by the Ta'tal since Tupaq's absence: To lead the last heirs of the Topakar peoples into other peoples scattered throughout the world, to infiltrate them as their own, but still keep in secrecy their languages, their customs, their knowledge on the four aspects of Topakar Magic (Illusion casting/Image alteration; Portal Travelling; Necromancy; Gravitational distortion, all possible due to their mastership of the DARR Hidden Element). Of course, despite spending centuries as their protector, Spectro even came to directly face past rivals of Tupaq, and in his way, not willing to limit himself upon what the Topakars have kept as their customs, sought to master other hidden elements -in the way, keeping different avatars and identities, some in secrecy even from Tupaq, who would return from the Absolute Darkness after 3000 years.

In his way, however, he would see it that despite he chose to have no masters, there will always be one gaining from others' actions- including his own. And eventually, one who came to be seen as a fierce protector of his kin has betrayed and destroyed most of his species, the Hawlien, for he realized his kin aren't those born like him, but those who live like him, thus species really didn't matter a thing to him, if they all had other ways of living. That aspect is common between him and another guest from this drawing who's a smart companion of him on some quests: A'arab Zaraq, the Raven of Dispersion, who has followed Ziusudra, the survivor from Shuruppak, since more than 2200 years before the common era. Who the raven really truly is is already guessed by the Hawlien traitor, and he also knows his intentions will eventually conflict with Tupaq, one he had in control aeons back, but got out of control with the expansion of the universe.

On this scene, Spectro is using his teleportation powers.  
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