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This is a timelapse of Kupala's Day and Kupala's Night, different versions of an illustration which I've worked on, featuring elements and characters from my original story project - IXIPTLA - and inspired by the traditional, pre-christian Summer Solstice festivities held across Slavic territories (a.k.a "Eastern Europe", in the Northern Hemisphere, therefore during late June / early July).

On top there's an undead Drachensohn, an immortal Black Knight, next to him William Mattoni, IXIPTLA's protagonist. Below, there's Sorgina, Drachensohn's companion, an immortal witch, and her young apprentice, Alisa Kozlovskaya, William's love interest. Alisa and Sorgina's powers derives from the next figure, the figure known as Baphomet, but whom Sorgina calls Akerbeltz. In this story, the Baphomet is also the legendary Philosopher's Stone, and pacts with it grant one great power in manipulating the properties of certain supernatural elements, granting abilities like telekinesis, teleportation, necromancy, as well manipulation of reality, distortion of gravity and technomancy. The number of people who can perform such ritual however is limited, and a sorcerer has to take another's place if it desires to attain this power. Alisa has made a pact by accident, in an event which her own survival was at stake, and only later she'd figure out what the Baphomet actually is, and how she plays a larger role, as there's a huge, secret organization looking to control the Philosopher's Stone and use it to create an army of super soldiers, and that alone has put her - and the Black Knights, warriors of justice throughout history - on their radar. On top of that, all these characters were facing a war against another force throughout the world: the Holy Roman Empire, composed by christians, nationalists, conservatives (& "liberals" alike) and of course, their international sponsors. This takes place in IXIPTLA's Armageddon story arc.

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