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Separation Anxiety

I produced this illustration / digital painting based on a sketch which I created during October '17, as part of the INKtober Challenge.

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you, these certainly are Persona 4's Tohru Adachi, Magatsu Izanagi and Yu Narukami look-alikes. And that composition is definitely a homage to Andrew Wildman's cover for Venom: Carnage Unleashed 3 (released in June '95. Good old times when I was 11 months old). But they're not just that. Inspired by a series of japanese themed spider-men (& women) which I had designed as a kid and completely revitalized as an adult, these actually are (on the bottom) our hero The Amazing OGUMO ("Giant Spider"), secret identity of Mangai Minami, with his techno-bio-symbiotic-ecto-spiritual-suit (I'll call him "Izanagi", it's the hero's source of power) being forcefully separated from him by "Malik", a Carnage and Magatsu Izanagi-inspired guardian/symbiote of our antagonist, the cop William Ford Jr a serial killer (who has the law on his side anyway) from Detroit, Michigan, who has lived in the japanese countryside for some time, where he met Mangai (a young man from Tokyo who just happened to have moved there in order to live with his uncle cop. Mangai has his own punk band, he cheats his girlfriend, and has eventually become a friend to William, and also an accomplice in crime). If they became friends, why are they fighting? It's because they're in different teams in the Spirit Fight Tournament, where techno-shamans from all the world(s) are forced to fight each other to death in order to earn ultimate power and make their dreams come true.

Their lives have changed a lot when they met again in the town of Ashville (in this story, a fictional town in the State of California), where William was working as a cop (and his crimes remained secure, kept in secret by a more reluctant Mangai) and Mangai had just joined the Bykear technical institute, his new school, run by a corrupt principal, and populated by some supernatural kids, some whom he'd befriend. But the school's poster was Mangai's new classmate, the fresh talent, a young pop-rock singer, composer and actress Ann G. Waters, who all the guys, including him, would like to date - even though he already used to date a pop singer who just happened to know and befriend Ann during a tour, and later, as if by fate, join her in the Spirit fight. Yes, they're all techno-shamans these days. Mangai likes skate, punk rock and causing havoc, he's usually nonsense and cares for keeping a futuristic style (as if the future was the 80's, wearing yellow jackets and some glasses when he doesn't need to). He used to work as a driver for urban mobility companies ("UBER") in part time, and has earned a controversial reputation in the school.
    The MALIK is a transgenic symbiote created by a dissenting cell from the intergalactic SPECTRO Organization that has been sold to the CIA, and William has volunteered to become the project's test subject. Eventually, in the Spirit Fight, he'd join the team of his boss, the chief of Ashville's Police Department, Archibald Graham (who's Ann's father!!), that's also an occultist, time traveller, gambler and scientist, who opposes among others the alien SPECTRO, head of the eponymous organization, and one of the minds behind MALIK's creation. More than that, William's team is one of the most likely to win the fight (spoilers: they won't).

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