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SAQRARUNA means "evil people" in quechua. This pretty much sums up this crew, some major antagonists from my original story IXIPTLA ("impersonator" in nahuatl).
The SAQRARUNA is a centuries old, secret and intergalactic organization run by a deadly and ancient alien-made, hive-minded A.I. known as SPECTRO, who is the finest creation of Aulta'Tal, a thousands of years old alien overlord and scientist who worked for the Elemental God of Darkness in a series of ancient intergalactic conflicts known as the Topakhon Wars - Topakhon being Aulta'Tal's home planet, which was converted, with his help, into a self-sustainable, artificial mobile satellite and mass destruction weapon powered by a properly isolated and controlled Black Hole. It was also the headquarters of the political organization of the ORS OHORELA, a magocracy ruled by the Elemental God of Darkness, whose name is Tupaq.

    There's a lot to know about this story, and you can read it here, here and here. I'll jump straight to the present, the interesting part: many years after the fall (and eventual return) of Tupaq, SPECTRO has started to work for his new incarnation, and planned to convert another planet into "a new Topakhon": Earth. This plan took hundreds of years, though, first, among the Inca, leading the Tahuantinsuyu (a.k.a "Inca Empire"), Tupaq planned to eradicate the Cuetzpalin (lizardfolks native from Aztlán, but who also lived on Earth in antiquity. They were responsibilized for Tupaq's downfall in the outcome of the Topakhon Wars), who lived in Mesoamerica, and despite he failed at this in a lifetime, the spanish invaders and some other allies helped to carry the plan away. In the 20th Century, when no one remembered the Cuetzpalin anymore, the Saqraruna went into phase two, and became the major sponsor of the Republic of Tahuantinsuyu, a powerful State headed by Tupaq's latest incarnation. Several funds collected by Tahuantinsuyu's government ended up in Saqraruna's projects, which consisted not only in converting Earth into "Topakhon II", but before that, shifting the planet's sentient life so they could fit into the automatized, cyborg/bio-mechanical life of Topakhon.
    In 2010, while at the ends of the Earth, facing an opportunity to destroy Earth's Core, Tupaq has failed, partially thanks to the Cuetzpalin Montezuma, Paynal and his own son, Capac Huari, who betrayed him after centuries of servitude. His plan was foiled, but he would escape into the depths of the galaxy and return from the other side.

    Not even a year later, Tupaq reunited with his fellows in the K Pacha System, where the Saqraruna had been working on plan B for a while, unknown to anyone on Earth. They were building a 100% artificial Topakhon II, and after activating it, they'd send it to destroy Earth, that was no longer an useful asset. So let's meet these apologists to interplanetary destruction:

  1. S-14 (a.k.a Corax) - an A.I. created by SPECTRO, acts as a bounty hunter
  2. S-13 (a.k.a Pacasna) - an A.I. created by SPECTRO, acts as a spy and researcher.
  3. TUPAQ AMARU III - Tupaq's current human incarnation, former leader of the Republic of Tahuantinsuyu
  4. SPECTRO - infamous leader of the organization, Tupaq's right hand
  5. OLLANTAY - leader of the Knights of Baphomet and a member of the Palarokhian Order, another secret organization working for Tupaq
  6. ENIGMA - originally named Engta'tal, an ancient Vok (bird-like, telepathic beings) general from the Topakhon Wars era who is also regarded as Tupaq's son. Master of illusions, travels in dreams and nightmares

    Each one have different reasons, but as business is business, they've found themselves united by certain goals like the sovereignty of their common interests over those of many billions of sentient beings. Your normal kind of people. Here, they're most likely to face the Necoc Yaotl head on, just after they had captured the Fafnir dragon for the knowledge he possess.

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Enigma I think would have been better served in presentation if he conjured an illusion of a demon face with his powers instead of holding the mirror like item with the face on it??? Just my thought with it but overall looks great.
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Thanks very much for your suggestion! You may be right about that, a display of his powers would be nice.
I had put some time limit to finish it, though, and I didn't plan to change the initial sketch which I've worked over.
The mirror by the way has some importance in the story, but I didn't reveal very much information about it yet.
Oh ok? I just thought it would be awkward to hold in combat. But maybe I'm assuming its used as a diversion to throw the fighter off by revealing to them their fears? But for a fighter who is known for that kind of power I would think have to pull that mirror out at the last minute. To get more close up and personal to his attacker so they don't see it coming?

Or maybe I'm just reading too much into it.