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SPECTRO the Elder

This huge robot and his "tiny" lizard nemesis are original characters from my personal story project, currently titled "IXIPTLA" (from the nahuatl, it means "impersonator")

You can be introduced to the story HERE!

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SPECTRO, the Elder
(originally named Aulta'Tal) is an ancient, gigantic cosmonaut who throughout the ages has converted himself into an immortal weapon of mass destruction. But don't you get deceived by the looks: his deadliest weapon is not his obliterating laser guns, rockets, blades, chainsaw or flail. It's the only organic part which he preserved: his brain. A master of the hidden elements, this ancient Alien became nothing like his original self, and has arguably passed the limits which nature imposed against him. One could expect nothing less from the one that led the research which converted his native planet into an artificial Black-Hole-powered satellite of mass destruction, with its' own atmosphere, not before converting several populations of sentient beings into cyborgs, fit to live in such a lifeless realm.

SPECTRO was born in the kingdom of "Xibahpukon", in the northeastern continent of the planet of Topakhon. Xibahpukon was a colony from an empire of another planet in the same solar system, the K Pacha System. This other planet was known to be the native planet of the kind, much later called Yakuruna ("water people") by the quechua peoples of earth. One can't tell it now, but SPECTRO was born as a Yakuruna himself, in the 34th Century b.C.  At the time, the Yakuruna of Xibahpukon were leading a process of independence from their homeland, when SPECTRO, at the time Aulta'Tal, became an ally to Mysta'Tal (a.k.a Kometa, or, as called much later by the Mexica people of Earth, as Citlallinpopoca), who was also a researcher of the hidden elements, especially DARR (the enochian name of the Philosopher's Stone, a.k.a Panacea). Mysta'Tal and Aulta'Tal have also become apprentices to TUPAQ, the Primordial Dragon, and Elemental God of Darkness, who was Topakhon's overseer. For centuries, Tupaq watched over the sentient beings of that distant planet, his presence and actions partially altered the development of sentient life and evolutionary routes on Topakhon's biosphere, but not the way he wanted. Like elsewhere, the influence of his "brothers" (other Elemental Gods) was as important as his own. He didn't want to keep things that way, so he started to recruit select individuals as apprentices of his forbidden, god-like techniques of creating and changing life, and altering entire biospheres to fit his will. Tupaq's will was to reunite all the peoples of Topakhon under one order, and then convert the planet into a weapon that should go and destroy other planets and solar systems, becoming the major power of the galaxy, and on its' wake, reducing life and matter in the universe. His agenda was partially hid from the public, alongside some of his allies, including Aulta'Tal, Tupaq has masked his intentions with nationalistic propaganda, and raising funds from those that who profit from intergalactic conflict.
    Aulta'Tal is arguably one of the Ta'Tal (Tupaq's apprentices, or "hands"), despite not officially a general or political authority, he's a lead researcher reputed with transforming his fellow countrymen and planet into the deadliest devastation device the galaxy has ever known. With aid of the outlandish Yana Phuyu ("dark clouds" in quechua, also referred to as Daeva or "demons" and Centzonmimixcoa, or "Four Hundred alike the Cloud Serpent" in nahuatl) Aulta'Tal and his fellows have managed to convert Topakhon into a mobile weapon, and to crush different fronts of resistance against the formation of the new satellite's centralized government, the ORS OHORELA ("Legislation of Darkness"). The O.O. was divided in four major regions, after each continent of the planet (which landscape and oceans were irreversibly transformed), and each was supervised by one or two Ta'Tal:
  • APUQOCHAN - the Northwestern continent, home to Jötunn, Vok and Vovin (dragons) populations. Supervised by Ta'tal Enigma (Engta'Tal), a Vok (humanoid birds) specialized in manipulation of darkness, manipulation of reality and casting of illusions. This realm was home to several necromancers.
  • WARY KAYAN - the Southwestern continent, an island home to oversized arthropod creatures which founded their own great civilization. Supervised by Ta'tal Ai Apaec, specialized in telekinesis. The waters surrounding this island was home to a powerful dragon, Subta'Tal, a.k.a Rinchin ("Devil Fish").
  • PALAROKHIEL - the Southeastern continent, home to humans of different origins organized into a magocracy. Supervised by Belobog ("The White God"), an entity specialized in the control of gravity and repulsion. Its' dark forests were home to another powerful dragon, Guerta'Tal.
  • XIBAHPUKON - the Northeastern continent, home to Aulta'Tal and Mysta'Tal, the later a fellow Yakuruna with a research more specialized in teleportation. Mysta'Tal, or Kometa, as he was later known, can reach light-speed with his powers.

Together with the Yana Phuyu, these enforcers of Tupaq's O.O. have molded the "Topakar civilization", as well its' culture, its' magocratic political system and pioneered dark arts of manipulating the dead, twisting the laws of physics and the minds of their victims. The period between the years of 2900 - 1658 b.C were marked by intense, intergalactic conflict known as the Topakhon Wars, when the O.O. and another coalition of distinct empires and civilizations, the Frashokeretian Alliance, have employed massive enslavement of populations, military research and industry, to bring war and catastrophe to many realms, and put an end to each other. Among some of the powers composing the Frashokeretian Alliance, there was the Vok Empire, the Holy Mazdaist Empire of Ohrmuz, the Aztec Confederation, the Helladean City-states, the Jötunn Scientific Organization and the Anunnaki Association, as well a cell of Yakuruna dissenters. Like every other massive conflict, despite the propaganda and whatever they seek to defend as institutions, these groups involved can't possibly be taken as heroic or moral, as they've rather sought efficiency and profit for their own hierarchies and authorities over the others'.

    As one of the missions which Tupaq has sent him into, Aulta'Tal had to investigate the whereabouts of an Yakuruna ancestor, ONYX, who was exiled somewhere in Topakhon, and extract from him knowledge about the hidden elements. Whatever happened there, Aulta'Tal has discovered secrets not only on immortality, but godhood itself, including the abilities of dividing his consciousness into multiple bodies, and simulating omnipresence. With this knowledge, Aulta'Tal escaped destruction, when the Spear of Time had been finally used by the Pipil squad of Aztec Cuetzpalin warriors led by Popocatepetl to drive the final blow into Topakhon, tearing it into pieces and sending the entire satellite and it's civilization into the Black Hole that once sustained it. Tupaq and the Yana Phuyu were absorbed into the dimension of Absolute Darkness, never to return (at least, not until 3000 years later). Among the few survivors of this intergalactic conflict's outcome (which death toll was insurmountable, counting with the extinction of several species, planets, stars and solar systems), Aulta'Tal has infiltrated himself, in another body, into a reformed Yakuruna society, where he used his knowledge to adapt to this new, "post-Topakhon-Wars-world" (where the O.O. has been seen as a moral catastrophe, and the usage of Darr has become more limited and legislated), and to create his own organization - the Saqraruna ("Evil People" in quechua). During this time, he christened a new identity, SPECTRO ("ghost"), reflecting his new role and nature in the universe. No longer a mortal, he used resources from the Yakuruna to keep alive, albeit in exile, a portion of the city of Apuqochan that has also escaped destruction, alongside some other Ta'Tal. Another exponent of Topakar revival was carried out by Ai Apaec, who escaped to Earth, and taught some locals - the Caral , Chavin and later Mochica civilizations - some stuff about dark magic/science.
    Eventually, "SPECTRO" has been responsible for keeping the Topakar knowledge alive for the next centuries, and planned to recreate "Topakhon Mobile", a goal not possible before Tupaq's liberation from the Absolute Darkness in 1348 a.D. After this time, SPECTRO became, like ONYX before him, more reclusive - his brain was stored in a secret laboratory, from where he remotely commanded all his resources - so he developed his finest creation, his next generation, an eponymous Artificial Intelligence (who's usually mistakenly believed to be a Yakuruna), to carry out his plans while he observed the transformation of another planet into Topakhon Mobile II: EARTH! The only ones who would be able to stop it were the heroic Cuetzpalin of Mexico, but following the destruction of Tenochtitlán and the Spanish invasion, the Cuetzpalin were hunt down by distinct coalitions of belligerents, uninterested in the ultimate fate of the planet, and may have more than once given opportunities to accelerate the destruction of the planet's lifeforms, or rather their conversion into automatons completely linked to this Dark Brain of SPECTRO.

    In the 20th Century, SPECTRO, the Elder, has moved to the INTIHUACA, the seat of government in the vast Republic of Tahuantinsuyu, controlled from behind by his organization, the Saqraruna, a direct successor of the Topakar O.O. and possibly the next force in the universe likely to develop a mass destruction weapon after a planet such as the original Topakhon was. If someone has any chance to solve this mystery, face this conspiracy and prevent its fruition, it may be a lone soul fated to avenge the Cuetzpalin.
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