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This is an original character from my current story project.

is the mastermind of the intergalactic Saqraruna (from the quechua "evil people") Organization, a centuries-old company that profits from advanced mass destruction warfare, cloning and so on. Native to the solar system of K Pacha, SPECTRO is one of the most powerful aliens of his species (supposing he's an alien - his species is called Yakuruna among the quechua and aymara speaking peoples), and the direct heir to the leading scientist of the ORS OHORELA (from the enochian "legislation of darkness"), a faction which changed the course of history during the "Topakhon Wars" (named after Topakhon, a planet converted into a mobile, mass destruction satellite based on a Black Hole - originally the homeland of the ORS OHORELA), a period spanning from the 29th to 17th Centuries before the common era.

    SPECTRO has founded the Saqraruna Organization among his fellow aliens in the K Pacha System, his dark connections to the ORS OHORELA's next generations and plans remained unnoticed, when Tupaq, the Elemental God of Darkness and Supreme Leader of the ORS OHORELA has been resurrected in the 14th Century of the common era. After living a lifetime as the cunning "Palarokhian Emperor" (named after one of the four states which composed the ORS OHORELA, the Palarokhian Order has been a group of magicians based in medieval Eastern Europe, who have contacted Tupaq from the netherworld and brought him back, believing he would grant them power over the kingdoms of men. With his aid, for years which coincided with the worst cases of Black Death, they've raised armies of the dead to take on the kingdoms, but were stopped by the effort of internationalist, heathen renegades known as "Black Knights" - enemies to the church, the Black Knights cared more for the people), Tupaq has left a decaying continent behind, and found himself in the Tahuantinsuyu, better known as the Inca Empire - where he incarnated as the Sapa Inca (Inca Emperor) Topa Inca Yupanqui, following Pachacutec. Topa Inca has conquered several enemies of the Inca such as the Chimu (some who, through their ancestors, the Moche, kept relations with their remote ORS OHORELA inheritance) and reached the height of its power, colliding with the far northern Excan Tlahtoloyan (Triple Mexica Alliance, the governmental corpus of the Mexica civilization, a.k.a "the Aztecs") and it's front lines: the CUETZPALIN (from the nahuatl "lizard"), a species of reptiles natives to AZTLÁN who arrived on Anahuac (Earth) during the Topakhon Wars. The Cuetzpalin are regarded as the ones who defeated the ORS OHORELA and destroyed Topakhon back then, and for this Tupaq & his associate, SPECTRO, hate them.
    When Topa Inca finally died in 1493 (poisoned by one of his wives), he reestablished contact with the K Pacha System, discovering the Yakuruna once more, where he forged a new alliance with SPECTRO, for the development of a new "Topakhon Mobile", but this time, the fated planet is... Earth.


    In the following years, SPECTRO has mobilized more resources on Earth than in K Pacha, employing several cyborg assassins to make sure the Cuetzpalin population is wiped from the Earth's surface - so that the Centzonmimixcoa (from the nahuatl "Four Hundred alike the Cloud Serpent" - Cloud Serpent, or Mixcoatl, is how the people of Aztlán refer to Tupaq), dark beings made in the image of Tupaq, could live: the only thing able to harm a Mimixcoa is a substance present in the Cuetzpalin which they also used as a weapon: the Atl-Tlachinolli (a term that has been milked away throughout history, meaning either warfare, sacred water, blood, or boiling water). Being able to turn the planet's ecossystems friendly to the Centzonmimixcoa was but the first step to start it's conversion into a Black Hole-powered mass destruction mobile satellite. Another step involved radically changing the atmosphere and geology, in the proccess, selecting some of its animal populations to endure severe modifications - and the others to die in the proccess. History may have forgotten, but after the "Revolution", the people of Topakhon weren't like any animal known today - they were highly sophisticated androids. By the 17th Century, through covert means, the Saqraruna have cooperated with a global conspiracy headed by the forces colonizing/invading the American Continent, and made sure the Cuetzpalin were wiped from history recordings. It wasn't hard for SPECTRO to infiltrate the human societies, as it wasn't hard, either, for his schemes to turn the tides of history, contributing to the development of an anthropocentric, global system of exploitation and mass hysteria, imposing one way of life over others, and perpetrating a proccess known as Human Automation, slowly transforming all "humans" (which is, scientifically, an irrelevant term) into reprogrammable creatures, closer to what the Topakars were during the Topakhon Wars. The proccess has become faster in the 20th Century, among the Saqraruna's associates there were the Socialist Republic of Tahuantinsuyu, headed by no other than the current incarnation of Tupaq, and not so ironically, some of Tahuantinsuyu's greatest enemies - which would later create the suggestively named AXIS private military Institute - would also associate themselves with this evil mastermind.

    An overlooked threat, SPECTRO has become increasingly powerful, and changed even the flow of time and reality to his gain. But among his enemies (whose numbers declined every second), a brave soul known as Cuetzpalin Paynal (from the nahuatl "Fast Lizard") has managed to discover his centuries-old plans of deception, and on several occasions face him, frustrating his plans on the short term. More than that, Cuetzpalin Paynal (who's been a "human" at birth, the young William Mattoni - he's able to transform into a Cuetzpalin with the aid of the late Moctezuma Xocoyotzin, Mexica Emperor/Tlatoani, at the time a "Tonalcoatl", a parasite/symbiote-like snake creature who's the first and last stage of a Cuetzpalin's life cycle. Moctezuma's symbiosis with William granted him not only the transformative power, but also super speed and a telepathic link with him) represented the rebirth of the Cuetzpalin, and a new hope - not to save humanity from the grave it made for itself - to destroy the hellish, authoritarian civilization poisoning earth, and more importantly, its' sentient beings (non-human animals).
    Since Paynal's first known appearances, in late 2008, SPECTRO has become much more busy on his plans. Paynal, however, wasn't alone: there were other Cuetzpalin helping him, and eventually, a larger group of international anarchist resistance fighters, among them, powerful inhumans. One of them, the Chthonian Triton, would be led by Kharon (a.k.a Utnapishtim, the legendary boatman of the dead - actually a dragon, and a somewhat forgotten, direct son of Tupaq, an estranged brother of the Centzonmimixcoa) into a suicide mission of infiltrating a mass destruction, Black Hole-powered Mobile Satellite developed by the Saqraruna in the K Pacha System. The satellite, christened Topakhon Mobile II, was set to destroy Earth (after Tupaq changed his plans), but first, as a proof of his own allegiance, SPECTRO, it's head of development, has been tasked by Tupaq to destroy his own homeplanet and kind - not to mention the entire K Pacha System - which SPECTRO has performed without remorse. But make no mistake, much as SPECTRO's intellect may be nothing but a means to an end (the destruction of the universe, or energy and matter) for Tupaq, Tupaq's power is but a means to an end for SPECTRO, whose goal is the elimination of sentient life, and it's replacement by semi-sentient AI fully controlled by him. Which scenario is worse? Tupaq's goal may involve more severe suffering for more beings, but in a shorter time (the minute to midnight), while SPECTRO's goal will surely involve prolongated suffering in a longer run. Time would come, if Tupaq succeeded in destroying Earth, that SPECTRO should switch allegiances, but it didn't, as the Chthonian Triton and Kharon have fortunatelly kicked his ass - and broke his traditional mask, in 2013.

    The end of the Topakhon Mobile II however wasn't the end of SPECTRO (it wasn't either brought by Kharon or the Chthonian, as a twist of fate, Tupaq eventually felt forced to destroy his own weapon after it was hijacked by an enemy of his, the Anunnaki Enki, who also stole some of his powers, and suppressed what remained in his nemesis. Topakhon's destruction has sucked Enki into the nothingness, however Tupaq still would've a hard time to recover his powers). The Human Automation still raged on, and the next ones to play a role on it had just been reassembled: the INSECT SYNDICATE. As for SPECTRO, he crafted and donned a new mask befitting his own personality: a skull, representing death.

    In his human disguise, an aged japanese man, SPECTRO has been involved with several technology companies in Asia, eventually becoming a mentor to the con artist and vigilante Kenshiro Shimada during the 70s, leading him into stealing the super powered Beta suit meant for the military, and starting to act as the vigilante known as Bumblebee. In the eighties, he has been reportedly captured, but in truth, he had just been recruited by SPECTRO to play a role in Tahuantinsuyu: becoming ICHNEUMON, the Mallki General of Chinchaysuyu, a province of Tahuantinsuyu. More than that, ICHNEUMON is also the founding member and leader of the INSECT SYNDICATE. But after so many years, how much of Kenshiro Shimada is left?

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